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Safeguard Against Smash and Grab Attacks

Safeguard Against Smash and Grab Attacks and Choose SunTek Window Film

Sadly, in these trying economic times, smash and grab attacks are all too common. In the blink of an eye, when your car moves to a standstill, sneaky chancers can smash your window and grab valuable belongings, such as handbags, laptops, tablets, satellite navigation systems, or mobile phone devices. These instances can be expensive and require car owners to not only replace their belongings but also their damaged window. If the window happens to shatter on passengers, it can also cause them injury and glass shards will often tear car upholstery. A smash and grab can thus be a costly affair, and this is why it is imperative to utilise anti smash and grab solutions like SunTek window film. Continue reading

The Best Tow Bar Prices

Find the Best Tow Bar Prices in Gauteng

A tow bar, also known as a hitch, is a specialised device that is attached to the chassis of your car. They are used in order to tow other vehicles, caravans, or trailers. When it comes to finding the perfect tow bar for your vehicle, it is important to go with a distributor and installer that you trust and who prides themselves on quality products, fair prices, and top-quality installations. Continue reading

The Benefits of Window Tinting

The Benefits of Window Tinting and Anti-Smash-and-Grab Protection

Window tinting for cars is one of our most popular services and has a wide range of benefits beyond giving your car that “cool” edge. Our SunTek window tinting film offers dual-purpose protection and acts as both a tint for your window and as anti-smash-and-grab film. The film is available in clear or can let in 35% light or 50% light, depending on your personal preference. There are thus different styles for different needs. If you opt for one of the tinted films, the benefits include: Continue reading