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Jazz Up Your Car Sound Systems

Jazz Up Your Vehicle’s Audio with Our Quality Car Sound Systems

If you have ever been on a road trip, you will know that great-quality audio is one of the defining features of a brilliant drive. Most vehicles come with sound systems. However, many of these older audio devices do not offer the best when it comes to sound quality. As a result of this, many car owners are opting to upgrade their existing systems in order to get the best possible audio. Here at Electronic Fitment Centre, we sell a number of well-renowned radio models that are bound to up the value of your car and enhance your driving experience. Whether you love blasting your favourite hits, listening to riveting podcasts, or catching up with the latest in breaking news, we have a model to fit your style and budget needs. Continue reading

Invest in Bull Bars

Up Your Vehicle’s Safety and Invest in One Of Our Bull Bars Today

Bull bars, also known as rammers or brush guards, depending on where you are in the world, go a long way when it comes to protecting your vehicle from a possible collision. They are attached to the front of cars and trucks and offer extra padding to protect the vehicle and those inside it. Bull bars thus protect your car and can save you a lot of extra costs in the long run if your vehicle is in an accident. The name derives from the ability of these devices to protect cars from collisions with animals, such as cattle, as well as other types of accidents. They are common in countries, such as South Africa and Australia, and also offer trucks and sedans that popular “off-road” look. Continue reading

Safe and Secure Car Navigation Systems

Up Your Safety and Security With One of Our Car Navigation systems

Car navigation systems are popular in the vehicle industry. They utilise innovative technology to ensure that drivers end up at their desired locations without getting lost. These gadgets are affordable, enhance your safety and security, and make sure that you will never get lost again. They are particularly useful for those embarking on adventures in new places or those who have to drive between different locations for work. They work by using global position system (GPS) technology, and these devices work by reading signals from various satellites to determine the car’s position. With this information, they can then determine the best route. Unlike maps, these devices come with automated voice instructions and offer users easy instructions to follow. These car navigation systems offer an array of benefits, including: Continue reading