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Fitted Bluetooth Car Kits

Have a Bluetooth Car Kit Fitted If Your Daily Driver Doesn’t Have an Integrated System

Nowadays, more vehicles are being offered as standard with an integrated Bluetooth car kit, whereby you can connect your phone to the vehicle’s radio and multimedia system so that you can take phone calls without having to touch your cellphone. In any event, handling your cellphone is illegal when behind the wheel, even when you are stopped at a red light or even next to the road with your engine running. Unless you are legally parked and your vehicle’s engine is switched off, you need a Bluetooth car kit to use your phone in your vehicle. Continue reading

Competitive Towbar Prices

Competitive Bull-Bar, Side-Step, and Towbar Prices

If you want to kit out your bakkie or SUV and you are looking for competitive bull-bar, side-step, and towbar prices in Pretoria, you have come to the right place. However, the odd towbar is not where it stops, because we offer a vast range of other accessories that you can have fitted to your car, bakkie, or SUV – all at extremely competitive prices. Here is an overview of what we have on offer: Continue reading

Your One-Stop Accessory Shop for Bull Bars

Bull and Nudge Bars, Side Steps, and Tow Hitches for Bakkies and SUVs

South Africans love to personalise their bakkies and SUVs with all manner of accessories such as nudge and bull bars and side steps. While some bakkies and SUVs are sold with standard tow hitches from the factory, many don’t have these and, as a consequence, a towbar is also a very popular accessory. Some of these accessories are fitted purely for their aesthetic value, as are some aftermarket wheels, but others are meant to be functional. Let’s take bull bars. Why do people have them fitted to their vehicles? Continue reading