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Rhino Linings

Isn’t it a bit surprising that you can buy so many bakkies nowadays brand-new that don’t come fitted with any kind of load-bin protection? A bakkie is meant to work hard and the very first thing you place on the back will scratch that factory-shiny paint and your bakkies load box will look tacky in very short order. While this is even truer for single-cab workhorse bakkies, it is also the situation with a lifestyle double cab that only does family duty. What is the load box for, other than plonking luggage, surfboards, bicycles, camping gear, and the like? And you don’t want to put these on your paintwork. That is where Rhino Linings come in.
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Get A Bluetooth Car Kit and Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Many South Africans seem to believe that they don’t need a Bluetooth car kit and are allowed to handle their cellphones while operating their vehicles, as long as they are not actually holding it to talk on it or as long as their vehicle is stationary. The reality is different and, in fact, South Africa’s cellphone legislation in terms of using these devices in vehicles is very clear:
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Window Tinting and Anti-Smash-and-Grab Protection Film – All in One

Forget for a moment the notions you have about window tinting and the stereotypical images you see in your mind – perhaps of rebellious youths playing their music loudly in the streets and their cars’ glasshouse covered in mirror-like window tinting. And keep in mind that such a tint is most likely illegal and serves absolutely no purpose other than to look “cool”. It would be illegal because, according to South African law, side glass has to let through at least 35% light and windscreens at least 70%*.
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