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Rhino Linings® can Protect Your Bakkie’s Load Box for Years

A bakkie’s load box takes a pounding and this is not only true of the single-cab workhorse models that are tasked with hauling around cargo like machinery, sand, building materials, and tools. Even the family double cab’s load box lives a hard life, usually being the recipient of holiday luggage, bicycles, fishing equipment, suitcases, generators, and a myriad of other stuff that a bakkie is usually tasked with carting around. It is, therefore, extremely shortsighted to sell a brand-new bakkie with absolutely nothing to protect its load box than that gleaming layer of factory-applied paint. And that glaring omission is exactly what Rhino Linings® is here to fill.
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Top-Quality Bullbars and Nudgebars from EFC

Whereas towbars have a specific purpose and are used to connect trailers, caravans, bicycle racks and the like to cars, SUVs, and bakkies, bullbars are not necessarily fitted with a single-minded purpose in mind. Bullbars are often regarded as a cosmetic addition to a bakkie or SUV, shoring up the vehicle’s butch appearance and being designed to be stylish and immediately noticeable. Some types are, therefore, not made to be strong but just attractive. They offer little by way of protection except, perhaps, shielding the vehicle from the odd errant tree branch.
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SunTek Window Film from EFC

Smash-and-grab incidents are, sadly, very commonplace in South Africa. They mean what their name implies: opportunistic thieves smash your car’s side window while you are stationary at an intersection and grab whatever they can find lying around on your passenger seat(s); typically a laptop, cellphone, handbag, or wallet/purse. They have been known to grab sunglasses off people’s faces and even physically attack motorists. This is a part of South African life and we must all be vigilant and protect ourselves against this scourge.
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