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The Benefits of Rhino Bakkie Linings

When using a pick-up truck daily as a workhorse, it is important to protect the loading area from dents and scrapes. Heavy objects can damage the surface of the loading area and make the vehicle look run-down and tatty in a very short time. By adding a lining to the loading bay, you can protect its surface from the damage caused by heaving many heavy loads onto it. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we can apply Rhino linings to vehicles’ load bins to prevent any chance of damage to the paintwork.
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The Basic Function of A Towbar

Towbars are used to give a car the ability to hook and tow something like a trailer or caravan, as well as for attaching other devices, such as a bicycle rack. They are usually found under the long list of optional extras when buying a new vehicle. So, whether you are buying a new or used car, or you already own a car that does not have one installed, Electronic Fitment Centre can be of service. Our prices are competitive and you can be off towing all manner of things in no time at all.
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Give Your Bakkie the Boot

South Africans buy bakkies by their thousands and they are often the top-selling vehicles on the sales charts. Especially double cabs are popular because they offer seating for four to five people, yet still offer the utility value of a loading bin at the rear. Considering the appeal of this vehicle design, many South Africans use them as daily drivers. The problem is that the loading bin of a bakkie is open and accessible, so anything placed in it is susceptible to theft whenever the vehicle is at a standstill or parked.
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