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Solutions for Loading Vehicles

South Africans really love their bakkies. The big load box on the back of the vehicle can be used in many ways, one of which is loading and transporting goods. The problem with the transportation of goods is that they can score the bodywork inside the load bin. Nobody wants to damage their paintwork and luckily, Electronic Fitment Centre offers a solution to this problem.
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Affordable Towbar Prices

Towbars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, dependent on the vehicle they are attached to. Towbars are mounted onto the rear of the vehicle, bolted to the chassis or frame of the vehicle. It is usually affixed to the undercarriage, because this is the strongest part of the vehicle body and can resist the forces generated when the vehicle tows a heavy trailer. Any road-legal trailer or caravan within the tow vehicle’s permitted maximum towing-weight rating can be hitched to it. Lifestyle vehicles such as bakkies and SUVs are particularly popular to tow caravans and trailers on long journeys, but you need a trustworthy towbar at a sensible price to ensure that your vehicle can safely tow whatever you hitch to it.
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Rigidek Aluminium Bakkie Covers

Bakkies are very popular in South Africa and are used for both business and pleasure, with the added utility of being able to haul a load on the back. However, many people also use their bakkies as daily drivers. The problem is, a bakkie is not the best choice regarding grocery shopping or carrying valuable goods, because the load box is open and easily accessible, so thieves can help themselves to what’s on the back whenever the bakkie is stationary. Luckily, Rigidek addresses this problem with their aluminium bakkie covers.
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