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Adding Security to Your Bakkie

Bakkies are amongst the most popular types of vehicles in South Africa. They are extremely versatile and double-cab models can double as family transport while still offering all the versatility of a load bed at the rear. These vehicles are intended for hauling almost anything that can fit into the loading area. For many locals, it is the ideal blend of utility and rough-road ability. South Africans love bakkies so much, many use them as daily drivers.
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Towbars and Other Accessories for Your Car at Great Prices

South Africa is a beautiful country, with a large variety of destinations that are popular for holidays and camping. Of course, camping involves taking the necessary camping gear to make the most out of your trip in the wilderness. In most cases, hooking a trailer to your vehicle is the way to go. Caravans are also very popular, as they bring the luxury of home to the great outdoors. Fitting a towbar to your car will enable you to bring a trailer or caravan along on your journey.
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Adding Some Sound to Your Car

Many of us in South Africa drive older or early-model used cars. New cars are becoming more and more unaffordable for the working class, so we turn to the used-car market for an affordable solution. These cars typically do not have the latest in in-car entertainment technology, and this is where Electronic Fitment Centre comes into the picture. We have a range of useful upgrades, including car sound systems, that we can install in your vehicle. Whether it is improving the security of your car or tinting your windows, we can enhance your daily drive to suit your style.
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