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The Benefits of Securi-Lid

South Africans love their bakkies. Bakkies originally had space for two to three people and were meant purely for carrying large loads. In addition, optional 4-wheel-drive systems enabled them to go off-road. A bakkie was a robust workhorse that could handle tough terrain and traverse poor roads with a full load. However, since bakkies have become so popular among the locals, they are increasingly used as daily drivers, especially since the advent of the family-friendly 4/5-seater double cab that brought with it car-like comfort and luxuries. The Securi-Lid is the perfect addition to the single-cab workhorse and family double cab alike.
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We Fit Towbars

Some bakkies sold in South Africa are fitted with towbars as standard, but many are not. Professional towbar fitment is called for if you want to tow a caravan or trailer. Bakkies are large and heavy and are usually fitted with engines that develop plenty of torque. These characteristics make them ideal – and therefore popular – tow vehicles. With an off-road caravan hitched to it, a 4×4 double-cab bakkie can even reach some of the most remote campsites.
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It Sounds Good

Car sound systems have become fully integrated into the design of the car and the in-car entertainment unit itself in recent years. Newer cars feature specially integrated head units and speakers and these designs may limit your ability to upgrade your vehicle’s sound system, especially the speakers. However, there is usually something that can be done about it and in most cases, the boot of the vehicle has enough room to install a variety of equipment to boost sound output and quality.
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