Monthly Archives: February 2019

Security for Your Bakkie

South Africans have a great love for their bakkies. The commonly known pick-up truck has been renamed “bakkie” locally, using an Afrikaans word that has now become an accepted English one too. Bakkies have become all-purpose vehicles and especially the double-cab versions do multiple jobs, from taking people to work and dropping the children at school to the vehicle of choice for that annual caravanning vacation or overland safari.
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Improve Your Safety on the Road

We live in a country where crime is rife and rising and it is highly advised that you protect yourself as best you can when out driving your car. Smash-and-grab attacks occur much more frequently than many people realise. Sometimes, such an incident is merely the first step of something worse, like a hijacking. Simply tinting your car’s windows might impair their view but will not prevent a criminal from smashing your window and gaining access to the interior of your car. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you also reinforce your windows at the same time with a defence mechanism that offers a physical barrier against such attacks.
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Turn Up the Music

South Africa has a vibrant car community. Some just want A-to-B transport, others build project cars, and some just like to enhance their cars with aftermarket additions, such as sound-system installations. As a result of South Africans’ love for their cars and partly because of an inadequate public transport system, many people depend on their own daily drivers to get them around. Owning your own vehicle gives you the freedom to get in and drive whenever you want. It also means that you will be spending a certain amount of time behind the wheel. Therefore, you want to maximise your enjoyment when driving your car.
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