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Rigidek – Load Bin Security

Rigidek Protection for Your Bakkie

South Africa has a large bakkie culture, thanks in part to the farming lifestyle where farmers use bakkies to not only haul farming produce to the market, but also to traverse the farm without getting stuck or being bested by an obtrusive middelmannetjie. Today, bakkies are everywhere and although they are intended for tackling rough roads and hauling heavy cargo, people buy and drive the double-cab versions in suburbs and cities and sometimes hardly ever use them as workhorses thanks to their versatility.

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Securi-Lid Bakkie Covers

Securi-Lid Roll Top Covers

Bakkies are the most popular vehicle types in South Africa, offering toughness, some off-road ability, and hauling power. They have been a popular choice since the creation of the very first pick-up truck and the arrival of this functional design to this country, offering versatility for farmers to ensure that they can easily traverse their fields and cart around all manner of things on the farm. The modern bakkie craze comes from these roots, and today, people would drive bakkies simply because they want to.

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Rhino Linings – Rubberized Linings

Rhino Linings

Pickup trucks, bakkies, and flat-bed trucks are commonly used for hauling purposes in South Africa, with a strong local bakkie culture using these vehicles as daily drivers as well. A side effect of constant and heavy-duty use of the bakkie’s load box is wear, reducing the value of the vehicle and adding to its tally of battle scars. Superficial scratches might not be a problem for a workhorse, but when it comes to hauling heavy equipment, real damage can be inflicted to the load box.

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Car Sound Systems

Looks Good, Sounds Great 

With a healthy car-customisation culture in South Africa, it is a common sight to see cars that have been customised by their owners in various ways. Some opt for body kits, while others fiddle under the bonnet for some extra power; others believe in the power of music while driving. These people will most likely spend their efforts upgrading and customising the sound output and quality in their daily cars, with some going so far that the volume of their sound systems literally cause the vehicle to shake and move on its own suspension.

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Car Navigation Systems

Never Get Lost with A Car Navigation System

 When you get behind the wheel of a car, you must know where you are going. Rewinding the clock to the early 2000s, the car market started to change, offering people important new technology. Although engine control units and various other electronic devices improved to the overall driving experience and helped drivers to drive more efficiently, the idea of adding satellite navigation seemed too far-fetched for regular city cars and compact hatchbacks such as the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf. Manufacturers such as Garmin and Kenwood started to produce their own takes on satellite navigation systems for cars.

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