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SunTek Window Tinting & Smash & Grab

Smash-and-Grab Protection

When it comes to modifying our cars to improve our driving experience, various factors and approaches will determine which modifications to opt for, and it often turns out to be something we need as opposed to something we want. With modern dealerships offering a range of options to add to a newly purchased car, such as air-conditioning or window tinting, we rarely take the time to properly investigate the safety and security of our vehicles.

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Rigidek – The Benefits

Rigidek Aluminium Covers

Safety and integrity play important roles when it comes to the cars that get us where we need to go. Since personal transportation is, for many people, the safest local mode of travel, South Africans need to ensure that their vehicles provide the necessary safety to protect them from criminal activity. A popular choice of vehicle in South Africa is the bakkie, offering a mini-truck in single- or double-cab format, with more than enough loading space in the back.

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Cruise Control System Benefits

Cruising Along

Rewinding the clock to the late 1970s, we find that many American cars were already fitted with a device called a cruise control system. People were amazed by the automation of the cruising function, keeping the vehicle at a specific speed without the driver having to engage the accelerator pedal all the time. This system was born out of a necessity for comfort, safety, and convenience. It makes sense that people would prefer to leave the cruising function to a computer and never have to worry about maintaining the speed limit.

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