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Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kits

Bluetooth Car Kits

With driving safety being a top priority, terms such as “hands-free” and “voice-activated” are commonly used to describe the functionality of Bluetooth car kits and navigation systems, allowing the driver to operate the GPS, music, and mobile handset while driving without having to take their eyes off the road or their hands off the steering wheel. These systems are commonly found in new car models from several brands, making life for the owner as easy as getting into their car and letting the system take care of pairing mobile devices and syncing information such as phonebooks and contact details.

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Car Navigation Systems (Dashboard-Based)

Dashboard Navigation Systems

When it comes to accessories for your car, chances are that you own a GPS navigation system that is mounted to the inside of your windscreen to ensure that you can easily see where you need to go. Although these systems are effective, they can become a hassle in certain situations, with some of them using cables instead of Bluetooth to connect to your car, or offering a display that might interfere with your vision from inside the vehicle. This is where dashboard-based car navigation systems can offer a solution to those who want to use a GPS in their vehicles without the hassle of sticking a device to the windscreen or having to fiddle with connecting cables.

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Car Navigation Systems (Windscreen-Based)

A traditional method to find your way on the open road or in an unknown city has always led to have a roadmap of South Africa in your car. Since the early 1980s, global positioning satellite technology has been open to the commercial market, with many military and industrial uses in places around the world . Since the technology has been allocated to serve the commercial market as well, the need for a roadmap has flown out of the window.

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