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Multimedia Navigation Systems

Enhance Your Daily Driver

When referring to the vehicles that drive us to and from work every day, we find that people have a special bond with their daily drivers, implying that they chose a car, SUV, or bakkie that not only provide enough room for their specific requirements, but also meet their personal preferences on various levels. Some of the popular choices in South Africa include a selection of Volkswagens and Fords, with the Polo and Fiesta being top-selling models for entry-level daily drivers that are ideal for students and young adults.

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Car Radio Installations

The Magic Behind Drive Music

Music has the power of emotion, with certain songs being able to change the mood instantly. Although nobody can argue with the power of music, people rarely acknowledge the influence it has on them while driving. With car radio installations being a common trade in the used car market in South Africa, the evidence suggests that people prefer a reliable and trusty source of music while driving and having access to various FM and AM radio broadcasters to listen to when stuck in the morning traffic.

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Park Distance Control For Everybody

PDC for Everybody

Park distance control has been an innovative technology to ensure that drivers can detect obstacles around their vehicles while parking. Although the technology has been around for almost 15 years already – making its debut at around the same time that the stop-start feature was introduced to the commercial vehicle market – the technology is still not a standard feature on all modern passenger cars.

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