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Multimedia Navigation Systems for Sale

Multimedia and Navigation Systems for Sale in Gauteng

If you are shopping around for the best automotive multimedia and navigation systems for sale in your area, you could cut out a lot of the guesswork by chatting to one of the professional and experienced sales consultants at Electronic Fitment Centre. Before you can decide on which multimedia or navigation system is best for you and your vehicle, you will need to consider all of the options. There are various types of multimedia and navigation systems currently available for sale on the market. We offer windscreen-mounted as well as dashboard-mounted double-DIN navigation systems, as well as in-car DVD multimedia systems.

Each option offers a variety of benefits, so talk to us to decide which is the best choice for your vehicle. Continue reading

Car Sound Installations Made Simple

Car Sound Installations Made Simple and Affordable at Electronic Fitment Centre

It is the start of a new year and to get it off to a good start, spoil yourself with a brand-new sound system for your car! Driving to work, school, college, or anywhere else will no longer be a bore (or a chore) and you will find yourself loving the drive, no matter where you are going. Of course, you cannot entrust car sound installations to just anyone. That is why so many sound system manufacturers only honour the attached warranty if the equipment is installed by a certified and experienced technician. Continue reading

Smash-&-Grab Services Pretoria

Professional Anti-Smash-&-Grab Installation Services Available in Pretoria

You will probably encounter a number of companies offering window film application services in Pretoria that protect you against smash-and-grab incidents, but it is important to select the correct company to supply the anti-smash-and-grab product and ensure that it is properly applied. In this day and age, it is simply irresponsible to overlook the need for anti-smash-and-grab film on your car windows. Continue reading