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Car Sound Fitment Services Pretoria

Getting the Best Out of Your Car Sound System: Advice from Leading Fitment Services Experts

Your car can be a great place to enjoy your favourite music, but if you are like many other South Africans, you are probably still content with with inferior car sound quality. This is a problem that can be rectified by selecting the right company to assist you with car sound fitment services. We always recommend making use of a professional car sound installer if you want to avoid the common mistakes people make when installing new and sophisticated sound systems. Ensuring that your car sound system reaches its full potential will require having the system correctly installed. Continue reading

Smash-and-Grab Window Tinting Pretoria

Protect Your Property and Loved Ones with Anti-Smash-and-Grab Window Tinting

 In South Africa, crime is an unfortunate reality. It is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against the impact of crime. Smash-and-grab incidents are common in SA and you have to ensure that you have best quality anti-smash-and-grab window tinting applied to keep you and your loved ones safe while in transit. If you are looking for anti-smash-and-grab products to invest in, the range of Llumar window film is one that will not disappoint. We stock this range at Electronic Fitment Centre and we are happy to share the benefits of this product with you. Continue reading

Vehicle Paint Protection

SONAX Vehicle Paint Protection Will Leave Your Car Glossy and Looking Like New

 Protecting your car’s body and paint is just as important as protecting its interior. You will find a multitude of products on the market that promise to buff, shine, and renew your vehicle’s paint, but few of them can live up to their claims. It can be tough to shop around for paint protection when you are not sure what to look for. We highly recommend the SONAX vehicle paint protection kit. In fact, it is what we use to remove surface scratches, seal paint, and gloss the exterior of our clients’ cars.

The SONAX vehicle paint protection service that we offer involves a 3-step process that leaves the vehicle glossy, refreshed, and looking like new. Whether your car is two or 20 years old, you can truly benefit from this type of paint protection. Continue reading