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The Best Car Window Tinting Prices

Get the Best Car Window Tinting Prices at Electronic Fitment Centre in Gauteng

Whether you have an old car or have just bought a new one, chances are that you want to keep it in the best possible condition and always ensure that it is as safe as possible. One particular safety feature that many people overlook is that of protective window film or window tinting. Anti-smash-and-grab films can be used to provide protection from opportunistic criminals, but that is not the only protection that window films can provide. Car window tinting can also be used to protect the contents of the vehicle and passengers from the damaging sun’s rays, as well as to obscure the view of articles left in the car. When you consider just how affordable car window tinting prices are, and the amount of good that tinting your windows can do, the benefits of such a product become obvious. Continue reading

Rider Door Protection Moulding

Why Choose RIDER Door Protection Mouldings?

A RIDER door protection moulding is designed to help car owners avoid the cost and unsightly look of scratches, dents, and paint chips on car doors. Damage of this kind usually occurs in shopping centres or tight parking spaces in the city where trolleys and other car doors can come in contact with the car. If you have ever parked next to a pillar or too close to another car and damaged the door when opening it, you will know the frustration that thousands of people across the globe have experienced. Minor accidents happen; it is a fact of life, but you do not have to pay for it each and every time. With car door protection mouldings, you can rest assured that those little nicks and scratches that happen along the way are a non-event. Continue reading

Speed Control and Cruise Control Systems

A Few Things to Know About Speed Control (Cruise Control Systems)

Cruise control systems are also known as speed control systems. These systems are modern car components that are designed to automatically control the speed of a vehicle. The speed needs to be set by the driver and thereafter, the system will take control in order to ensure that the vehicle remains at a that selected speed. While cruise control is a standard feature in various cars today, not all cars have it. That does not mean that you have to miss out on the benefits of such a system. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we can install a speed control system that will work perfectly with your specific make and model of vehicle. Continue reading