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Car Tracking Systems

Are Car Tracking Systems Really Necessary?

If you have ever parked your car and walked into a mall or restaurant, only to return a few hours later to find it gone, you know the misery and trauma of having your car stolen. With remote jamming becoming an increasing problem in most areas and the fact that some cars are surprisingly easy to steal, the potential for your car to do a disappearing act is at an all-time high. Continue reading

The Best Car Fitment Centre

Why You Need Professional Car Fitment Centre Services

Whether you are simply looking to spruce up your car’s image or add new components, features, and accessory items to make it more comfortable, safe, and secure, it is always advised that you make use of a professional car fitment centre. One of the biggest mistakes that vehicle owners can make is trying to cut corners in an attempt to save money. By making use of inexperienced technicians and installers, you put yourself at risk of wasting money and in some cases, losing out on the product warranty if the item fails and requires repair or replacement. Continue reading

Vehicle Paint Protection

Keep Your Car Beautiful with Our Armour Glaze Vehicle Paint Protection

Everyone has the best intentions to keep their car in showroom condition long after the novelty of the new set of wheels has worn off, but unfortunately it is not always possible. Life happens, and that means that your car will be exposed to sun, rain, bumps, and scratches and, before you know it, what once was your pride and joy on wheels is now a somewhat run-down shell or what it once was.

However, your car’s story does not have to end like this. You can keep your car looking better for longer, and protect its resale value, if you simply invest in some vehicle paint protection. And at Electronic Fitment Centre, we afford you access to the right products to do just that. We are authorised suppliers of the Armour Glaze paint protection range. Continue reading