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Spare Wheel Locks and More

Are Spare Wheel Locks Worth the Time and Money?

Just how often do criminals in South Africa target 4×4 and bakkie spare wheels, and is it worth it to invest in spare wheel locks? This is not a tough question to answer. Firstly, this type of theft is extremely prevalent in South Africa and you only have your spare wheel stolen once before you learn that the wheel lock is well worth it. Learn from others’ mistakes!

If you drive a Ford or Toyota bakkie, you are probably aware that opportunistic criminals like to steal the spare wheels from these extremely popular vehicles. Of course, when these spare wheels are stolen, there is often damage to the tailgate and bumper of the vehicle too. Afterwards, besides having to replace the wheel and rim, you may even need to have panel beating done to repair other damage. Continue reading

Smash-and-Grab Protection

Get Smash-and-Grab Protection for Your Car Today

Smash-and-grab criminals can turn a quick trip to the shops into a total nightmare. Cars are typically targeted when they are stopped at traffic lights or when stuck in slow-moving traffic. The crime itself is quick to execute and relies on the element of surprise, allowing criminals to distract the car’s occupants with a smashed window while they grab and make off with your valuables. Without protective window film installed, you might find yourself dealing with injuries as well as expensive damage to your car, not to mention the cost of having to replace the window. In many instances, the trauma suffered from such a crime can have long-term negative impact on both the driver and the passengers. Continue reading

Door Handle Film Protection

Avoid Scratches and Nicks Reducing the Value of Your Car With Door Handle Film Protection

How much thought have you given to the state of your car’s exterior? Are you concerned about how it will look after a few months or years of use? Consumers seldom think about the future and the selling of their car, especially after they had just bought it. There is usually much excitement about the shiny new car and it is just expected that it will look as good forever. As such, it is easy to overlook how small defects can have a negative impact on the resale value of the vehicle, when the time for selling or trading in eventually comes. Continue reading