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Run Flat Tyre Protection

Get Run-Flat Tyre Protection from Electronic Fitment Centre

If you have ever been stuck on the side of the road in an unsafe area with a flat tyre (or even more than one flat tyre at once, heaven forbid), you will know just how important it is to have a good set of tyres on your car. Unfortunately, even having a good set of tyres cannot protect you in the event of a blow-out or unavoidable puncture. It is also rather unfortunate that most of these unsafe situations tend to occur at times that could not possibly be more inconvenient. Continue reading

Electronic Fitment Centre – Our Services

How We can Help You at Electronic Fitment Centre: a Bit More About Our Services

If you are looking for a vehicle fitment centre in Gauteng that offers it all under one roof – and on the go – you have come to just the right place. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we believe in ensuring that our services are available to all, regardless of whether they are out looking for a fitment centre or stuck at work or at home. That means that you can come to our premises and be assisted by one of our 20 qualified and experienced installers, or you can stay right where you are and be assisted by one of our 11 highly professional mobile teams. We service Gauteng in its entirety and go as far as Witbank, Benoni, Rustenburg, Warmbaths, Boksburg, Krugersdorp, and the West Rand. Continue reading

Paint Protection and More

Take Better Care of Your Car with Sonax Paint Protection

With the right exterior paint protection, any car can look as good as new and stay that way for longer. You do not have to be driving the newest car on the market. We can make your drab car look fab again. It is not only about bringing new life to your old car though. New cars need preventative protection against scratches and fading too. That way your car can look better for longer and retain its resale value better. Continue reading