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Benefits of Smash-and-Grab

Benefits of Anti-Smash-and-Grab Film and Why You Should Install Yours Today

If you are thinking about installing anti-smash-and-grab film, you probably think that it is designed solely to provide strengthening for your windows to stop them shattering on impact, but SunTek window film can actually offer you additional benefits. Continue reading

Window Tinting Prices

Competitive Window Tinting Prices Available to Keep You Safe on the Road

With crime being what it is today and with smash-and-grab statistics being more disturbing than ever, it is a blessing that window tinting prices have stayed fairly affordable over the years. For some, the idea of window tinting has been considered as merely a status symbol, but for others it is a real form of security and has in fact saved lives. Continue reading

Bluetooth Car Kits and Hands-Free Kits

Be Compliant with Regulation 308A in South Africa by Installing Bluetooth Car Kits and Hands-Free Kits

Making use of a cellphone while driving may cause sufficient distraction to result in an accident. Besides, it is illegal. Too many people have sacrificed their lives and the lives of others to learn this simple lesson. It is not just making and receiving phone calls that serve as a driving distraction; it is also sending and receiving text messages, browsing the Internet, and all the other things people do with their cellphones while they are driving. For this reason, Bluetooth car kits and hands-free kits are well supported and should be installed in your vehicle. Continue reading