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List of ‘Smash and Grab’ hotspots

List of “Smash and Grab” hot spots.

After watching the shocking video of the incident in Joburg, listeners of The Complimentary Breakfast give you advice on some spots to be extra vigilant around should you be in the area. Also some valuable tips on how to keep yourself safe.


Cnr Boeing and William Nicol Bedfordview
Cnr William Nicol Drive and Main Road
Cnr Joe Slovo Drive and Abel
The bridge at the intersection of Bowling and Witkoppen
The Grayston on ramp and off ramp in Sandton Continue reading

Smash-and Grab Protection

Get Smash-and-Grab Protection Film and Start 2017 Safely!

Smash-and-grab incidents are certainly a common type of crime in South Africa and if you live in a major centre such as Gauteng, you are at the highest risk of becoming a victim of such a crime. With the festive season just behind us, the statistics of incidents are pouring in and while it’s great to be positive and trust that things are changing for the better in this country, it’s an undeniable fact that crime is on the increase. If you’re driving on the busy streets of Gauteng, there’s no doubt about it; you need smash-and-grab protection. In fact, it should be non-negotiable. Continue reading

Car Audio and Sound Fitments

Car Audio and Sound Fitments Made Affordable are Available at Electronic Fitment Centre

Do you love to listen to your favourite tracks on the way to work? Do you hate compromising on the quality of sound, but do not quite have the budget to support the services of professional audio installations? It can be tempting to turn to backyard technicians to handle your car audio and sound fitments in order to save a few extra rands, but as professionals in the industry who have seen it all, we strongly advise against it. Continue reading

Electronic Fitments & More

Choose From a Multitude of Electronic Fitments and More

If you own a car and use it daily, chances are that you want to get the most out of it, and why shouldn’t you? Owning a car is so convenient, but it can also be costly and pose certain risks to your safety. With electronic fitments and all the different accessories and safety features available nowadays, you can custom-create a driving experience that is safe, secure, comfortable, and enjoyable for yourself and your passengers. Continue reading