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Vehicle Paint Protection

Vehicle Paint Protection Can Take Your Car from Drab to Fab in Just One Day

Is your car’s paintwork looking drab, faded, and scratched? If it is, do not lose hope! You can get your car back to pristine condition with our help. Whether you are driving a brand-new car or one that has given you a few good years of loyal service already, you want the car to look good. Having pride in the appearance of your car is a good thing and we promote and support it. There is nothing more satisfying than having a vehicle that stands the test of time in terms of appearance (and of course, mechanically too). Your vehicle’s paint needs to be property protected if you want it to look good for longer, but you cannot use just any paint polish or protective product if you want the best results. Continue reading

Rim Protection – AlloyGator

For the Ultimate Rim Protection, Choose AlloyGator!

Have you ever had one of those driving faux pas where you nick the curb and while your rims take a knock, your tyre takes a beating too? If you have ever felt this frustration, you are not alone. Millions of people across the globe have experienced rim and tyre damage to different degrees and the most frustrating part is that not only does it look unappealing and reduce the value of your vehicle (if you want to resell it), but it also costs extra money to get it repaired. What’s the solution? Rim protection is not something that everyone knows about, but with AlloyGator now available on the market, we have no doubt that many people will quickly catch on and use this affordable product to minimise or even eliminate this particular expense, and frustration from their lives. Continue reading

Smash & Grab Film

Drive With Confidence; Install SunTek Anti-Smash & Grab Film Today

The stress, shock and trauma of a smash & grab incident can have a long-lasting negative impact on your life. Protecting yourself against smash and grab incidents is not always easy either. Opportunistic criminals do not discriminate; it does not matter what car you’re driving, what neighbourhood you are from and whether the value of the contents of your vehicle amount to a massive figure or a small one… smash and grabs just happen. They can happen at any time, to anyone and because of that, getting protective film applied to your vehicle’s windows is an essential security measure. Continue reading