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Accurate Speed Control Systems

Enjoy a More Comfortable Drive and Avoid Unexpected Fines with Speed Control Systems from Electronic Fitment Centre

Are all those unexpected speeding fines getting you down? Are you getting tired of having to constantly watch your speed on long self-drive trips? Don’t worry, because you are not the only one. Millions of people experience the same frustrations and that is why speed control systems have become the norm in modern vehicles. Unfortunately, not all vehicles come with speed control or cruise control systems fitted as standard equipment, especially older models of cars. However, we stock a range of speed control systems for you to choose from. The systems that we feature are designed to accurately and automatically maintain the selected cruising speed of your vehicle. Continue reading

Towbar Fitment and Prices

Top Quality Towbar Fitment, and Prices to Match

Towbars are worth their weight in gold if you tow a trailer on a regular basis or have equipment that needs to be towed such as a caravan, jet ski, or bike trailer. Towing is a task that must be done with care if you want to protect your vehicle and others on the road. If your towbar is of poor quality or not correctly installed, you could be faced with the reality of property damage or personal injury to yourself or others. Continue reading

Cruise Control Systems

Cruise Control Systems for a More Convenient and Safer Driving Experience

Most modern vehicles are designed with cruise control included in their list of features. Of course, this is a modern luxury car feature, so not all new cars sport them, especially the more affordable vehicles. It is also unfortunate that most older makes and models of vehicles don’t have them either. This doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the convenience and safety provided by a cruise control system. Cruise control systems (also called speed control systems), can be bought from and installed by a third party. This means that you can enjoy the safety and convenience of such a system regardless of what car you drive and how old it is. Continue reading