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Car Navigation Systems

Why You Should Consider Installing a Car Navigation System

Have you ever been given directions by someone and completely lost your way in area with which you are not familiar? Have you ever ended up in the scary part of town by accident and you have no idea how? Make no mistake, many people have and that is why navigation systems are so useful. Back in the day, the idea of purchasing a car with a navigation system meant that you would need to be prepared to pay a lot more. These days, things have changed. Many of the latest car models have manufacturer car navigation systems already installed, but what if you do not drive one of these models? All is not lost, because you can install a navigation system in your car that will ensure that you never get lost again, and it improves your vehicle’s resale value.

In years gone by, smartphones were not quite as smart as they are today. With smartphone mapping applications and navigation systems, many wonder if it is even necessary to install car navigation systems anymore, but we think it is actually very important. First and foremost, while a smartphone is a handy and reliable device, there are times when you might be without your phone, your phone battery dies or the application becomes glitchy. In all of these scenarios, having an in-car navigation system can really save the day. Here are a few more reasons why we think that you need a navigation system installed:

• The cost of navigation systems has been reduced by a great deal over the years, so it has become an affordable feature for your car.
• Having a dedicated navigation system in your car instead of using your mobile phone’s navigation system means that you will never have to compromise on convenience. Now you can make calls and listen to music without getting lost along the way because you are trying to do everything on the same device.
• For long trips, you can pre-plan the route, see distances between destinations and make sure that you are only entering the safest possible areas on your route.

Unfortunately, car navigation systems are an attractive feature to criminals, so it is best to make sure that you have anti-smash-and-grab film installed on your vehicle and make use of your car’s alarm system while it is parked. If you would like to learn more about our in-car navigation systems or would like to have a new one installed, get in touch with us at Electronic Fitment Centre. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to assisting you further.

Window Tinting Prices for Smash and Grab Window Tinting

Get Affordable Smash-and-Grab Window Tinting Prices at Electronic Fitment Centre

If you have never been mugged or involved in a smash-and-grab incident, you should consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, crime in South Africa is an on-going battle and those who drive around with valuables in their vehicles are at high risk. While anti-smash-and-grab window tinting cannot stop such incidents, it can certainly lower their success rate. In order to encourage more people to protect themselves and make a difference in the war against crime, we keep our window tinting prices low and our quality of installation workmanship exceptional. Continue reading

Bull Bar Fitment Centre

Buy and Install the Right Bull Bar for your Car at our Gauteng-based Fitment Centre

If you have ever been involved in an accident, you will be aware of just how helpful a little bit of extra padding can be. The front end of your vehicle is more fragile than you think. In fact, all it takes is a branch, big rock or small “fender bender” to truly realise the damage that your vehicle can experience. As a result, the grille on the car must be tough and durable. Without a bull bar, you could find yourself faced with high repair costs and the inconvenience of your car being out of service while it is repaired. Continue reading