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Window-tinting Services Gauteng

Protect Yourself Against Smash & Grab Attacks with Window-tinting Services in Gauteng

It is no secret that crime has almost tripled in Gauteng over the past decade. Rapes, burglaries, street muggings, hijackings and smash and grab attacks are all major concerns in Gauteng. While not all crimes are avoidable, you can reduce the effect of smash and grab attacks with protective film window-tinting services in Gauteng. Continue reading

Electronic Fitment Centre Specialists

Electronic Fitment Centre Specialists – Your One-stop Shop

Are you looking for reliable electronic fitment specialists you can trust? If you are like many hard-working South Africans, your car is important to you, which is why diligent maintenance is more than just keeping it in good mechanical condition. In such a sophisticated piece of machinery, you need to keep your electronics up-to-date as well. It is therefore of vital importance to collaborate with electronic fitment specialists who can offer you the highest quality services and products that will ensure pleasant journeys and improved resale value. Continue reading

Car Sound Installation Near Pretoria

Do You Need Car Sound Installation Near Pretoria? Turn to Electronic Fitment Centre

Are you sick and tired of your deadbeat old car stereo system? Are you in need of car sound installation near Pretoria? When you think about it, you spent a fortune on your home stereo system, but you actually spend more time listening to music in your car. According to studies, an average person can easily spend over 100 minutes per day driving. What this means is that in our lifetime, the average person spends up to 37 935 hours driving a car. Continue reading