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Window Tinting Prices

About Window Tinting and Window Tinting Prices

At you considering window tinting, but you are concerned about the prices? Your car is a valuable asset that you want to last a long time, but so is your safety and the safety of your passengers, which is why many drivers tint their windows for added security. It is not just an aesthetic enhancement; window tinting brings many benefits that many drivers may not be aware of. Here are two reasons why you should get your windows tinted right away. Continue reading

Car Sound Installations

Why Use Electronic Fitment Centre for Car Sound Installations?

Have you just bought a new sound system for your car? Everyone loves music and while we spend some of our time listening to music at home or while working out at the gym, it is a fact that we spend even more time listening to music in our car. If you love music, invest in a good sound system for your car. Of course, this means you need to find a reliable supplier and installer. Continue reading

Car Navigation Systems

Four Great Benefits of In-Dash Car Navigation Systems

Technology is all the rage today and with smartphones and tablets that can do nearly anything, you are probably wondering why you would ever need to install an in-dash car navigation system when you have Google Maps on your phone and, just in case, an actual map in your boot. The truth is you do, and here is why: Continue reading