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Speed Control Systems (Cruise Control Systems)

Speed Control Systems – A Feature That Should Be Found in All Vehicles

It’s the 21st century and it’s no secret that advancements in vehicle technology have made considerable headway over the past three decades. A machine that was once poor performing and uneconomical has now been transformed. Today, you can find self-driving cars, full multimedia audio solutions, touchscreen with navigation, smash and grab features designed to keep drivers and passengers safe, and cruise control systems at your fingertips. The problem is that while these features exist, they don’t come standard in vehicles. Continue reading

Navigation Systems

Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Your Eyes on the Road with Navigation Systems

Contemplating on getting a navigation system installed but in two minds about how these systems can possibly benefit you when you have both Google maps on your smartphone and a map stashed away somewhere in your boot. In this day and age, technology is all the rage and if you don’t have a navigation system in your car, you could very well be doing yourself a huge disservice, and here’s why. Continue reading

Electronic Fitment Centre

An Affordable Bull Bar Fitment Centre That Can Help Protect Your Car

Looking to toughen up your truck, or perhaps give it a little more personality? Been eyeing out those trucks and SUVs with those big burly bars covering their grills and wondering whether you should get one too. If you’ve ever played rugby before, then a bull bar should make a lot of sense to you. However, if you haven’t, then here’s a thought: Imagine 5 or 6 big guys coming at you fast and laying you out flat on the field, or imagine having the wind knocked out of you by the force of a rugby ball flying through the air. If it wasn’t for all the protective gear sportsmen wear, you’d probably end in hospital with a few broken bones. Well your vehicle is no different. Continue reading