Monthly Archives: January 2016

Easy Smash and Grab Installation

Easy Smash and Grab Installation at Electronic Fitment Centre

Imagine this… you’re driving down the main road and something distracts you. Before you know it, you’re colliding with another vehicle and your windscreen has split into a million little pieces. With glass flying everywhere, it is hard to see or know what to do next, especially since you and your passengers are sustaining injuries in the process! If only you’d had smash and grab film installed…

There are many more scenarios that we could come up with where smash and grab installations can make a world of difference. Perhaps it’s time that you considered an installation for your vehicle? Continue reading

Headlight Protection

Effective Headlight Protection with XPEL or Llumar Film

Let’s face it, headlights don’t come cheap and nothing can be more frustrating than having to replace them due to chipping, cracking, scratching and similar. Protecting the longevity of your headlights should form part of your ongoing vehicle maintenance. If you want to ensure that your headlights remain in good operation for longer, you will need to invest in headlight protection. Continue reading

Llumar Products

Why You Need Llumar Products

Being without Llumar products and being involved in a smash and grab incident can be more terrifying than you think. The fact that someone has taken the time to personally attack you can leave you paralysed in fear. While some might be able to react immediately, this can still be too late. In many instances, smash and grab attacks not only result in damage to the vehicle, but also trauma to the vehicle occupants, loss of items stolen and more. It is an unfortunate fact that smash and grab incidents are on the increase despite increased security on many of our roads. It is the responsibility of each and every motorist to ensure that the relevant precautions are taken to protect themselves on the road. Continue reading