Monthly Archives: November 2015

Protect Yourself (Smash and Grab)

Protect Yourself with Llumar Smash and Grab

Picture it…you’re sitting in traffic with your baby in the car seat. Your doors are locked and nothing seems unusual. Suddenly someone steps towards your car and smashes the window next to you. You scream and try to shield your child from the shattering glass. By the time you catch your breath, the criminal is gone and so is your purse and cellphone… you are traumatised and so is your child. It’s not necessarily a horror story – it’s a reality, especially in South Africa. How do you protect yourself and your loved ones? With Llumar smash and grab window film, that’s how! Continue reading

Electronic Car Installations

Choose Qualified and Experienced Auto Electricians for Your Electronic Car Installations

When choosing new electronic systems and devices for your car, it is always advised that you turn to trusted auto electricians to assist with the installation. Electronic car installations shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. In fact, in many cases, electronic devices are void of their warranty or guarantee if they aren’t installed by a professional who is certified / qualified. Continue reading

Fit Your Car

Fit Your Car with the Latest Safety and Comfort Products

Car safety and comfort is absolutely essential in this day and age, especially if you spend time every day driving to and from work, taking the kids to school and going grocery shopping. Without a safe vehicle, you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

Most people, when they think about car safety, think that it’s all about the mechanical aspects of the vehicle, when this is not entirely true. You can fit your car with a variety of additional features and items that will increase its safety in general and even make it more comfortable. Continue reading