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Car Fitment Services

Electronic Fitment Centre Offers a Variety of Professional Car Fitment Services in Pretoria

There are so many things that you can add to your vehicle to improve on its comfort, safety, convenience and value. It is very rare to purchase a vehicle and add absolutely nothing. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we offer car fitment services that are designed to add value to your vehicle and to your life. Our accessories, devices and security features are all from the best quality brands, and we only allow qualified and experienced technicians to handle our fitments. By incorporating a variety of vehicle fitment accessories and features, you can enhance your driving experience and ensure an enjoyable experience on the road. Continue reading

Bluetooth Fitments

Why You Should be Considering Bluetooth Fitments for Your Vehicle

For many drivers, Bluetooth fitments are just a means to making calls while driving, but that’s not all that Bluetooth connectivity is good for! Bluetooth really needs no introduction, especially to the tech savvy individuals of the world. The technology has already made a name for itself as the go-to connectivity option for phones, cars and many other accessories and devices. This fact alone makes it a shocking reality that so many people only use it for making safe calls while driving! If you don’t already have Bluetooth installed in your car, here are a few reasons why you should: Continue reading

Car Paint Protection

Achieve the Ultimate Car Paint Protection with Armour Glaze

We all know that our vehicles lose a great deal of their value the moment that they are driven off the show room floor. Further to that, as they age, they start to lose their aesthetic appeal and mechanical soundness, which can further add to the plight of their depreciation. Of course, this does not need to be the case. A vehicle that is properly looked after and maintained can remain in excellent condition for much longer than initially expected. If your car is starting to show the signs of aging, wear and tear, don’t fret. The first thing you can do to replenish its appearance is to opt for Armour Glaze, which is a car paint protection treatment. Continue reading