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Car Sound Systems (Installation and Services)

Get Your Car Sound Systems from Reputable Installation and Services Providers in Gauteng

If you appreciate good sound and spend a great deal of your time travelling in your vehicle, it’s time to think about investing in a good sound system. Car sound systems are typically available in all shapes, sizes and capacities, and it is therefore important to ensure that you purchase the correct one for your vehicle. Continue reading

Tracker Security Systems

Why Tracker Security Systems are a Good Investment

You might wonder if you can truly benefit from one of the various vehicle tracker security systems that are sold on the market. The answer is yes! Everyone can benefit from a tracker system, as these are often the only way that stolen vehicles can be recovered. How does it work? A tracking device is fitted to the vehicle and linked to monitoring and satellite software. These systems work off GPS, much like the maps feature on most mobile phones. Tracking systems designed for vehicle security don’t just provide the vehicle’s location. They can also provide information on the vehicle’s travel speed and the direction that it is travelling in. Continue reading

Llumar Smash and Grab Products

Choose from the Various Types of Llumar Smash and Grab Products

Smash and grab incidents are of one of the highest crime occurrences in South Africa. Those who want to protect themselves, their family and their vehicles can stand to benefit from Llumar smash and grab products. Anti-smash and grab products are designed to provide an invisible shield. You simply never can be sure when a smash and grab is going to occur and so the best line of defence is to ensure that your vehicle is prepared at all times. Don’t wait to become a statistic before you get the right protective products in place. Continue reading