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Bluetooth Car Fittings

Bluetooth Car Fittings – The Ultimate in Car Connectivity

Too many motorists think that Bluetooth is just a safer means of making phone calls while driving, but in reality, there are many more reasons why Bluetooth is the ultimate in car connectivity. Bluetooth doesn’t really need any introduction to the mobile market. It has already established itself as a leading wireless connectivity standard for a multitude of devices and accessories. Below we present a few reasons why you need Bluetooth car fittings in your vehicle: Continue reading

Speaker Fitment and Fittings

Professional Speaker Fitment Services Provided by Electronic Fitment Centre

Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of having your favourite tracks perfectly played back to you on a long trip. In fact, it’s just as satisfying to have a good listening experience on a short trip! If having good quality sound in your vehicle is important, take the time to shop around for a professional speaker fitment team to handle your actual installation. Also ensure that you invest in a good brand and quality of speaker system. Continue reading

Car Safety – Let us Help

Let Us Help You with Your Car Safety Needs

Car safety in South Africa is a major concern for all motorists. Without a strategy in place to ensure that your vehicle and its occupants are safe, you could fall victim to a major financial loss. There are various car safety features that you should consider for your vehicle – let us help you to decide which of these are best suited and needed by you and your vehicle! Continue reading