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Paint Protection from EFC

Transform the Look of Your Vehicle with Paint Protection from Armour Glaze and EFC

If you need paint protection for your vehicle, EFC is the service provider of choice in the Gauteng area. What sets Electronic Fitment Centre apart from other service providers? First and foremost, we are authorised Armour Glaze suppliers. This particular product is designed for exterior paint polish and interior paint protection of your vehicle.

You will find that with application of paint protection, paint scratches are easily removed. It acts as an effective paint sealing system too.  Immediately after application you will find that the paint’s appearance is improved and strengthened and the glossy appeal will be maintained and prolonged. In short, Armour Glaze is just what your car needs if you want it to look its best for longer. Continue reading

Electronic Car Fitments – Choose Us

Looking for Professional Assistance with Electronic Car Fitments? Choose Us!

Everyone wants their vehicle to have the latest and best fitments and electronic accessories and often that means adding to the vehicle after purchase. Electronic car fitments can be complex and it is advised that you only make use of a professional and experienced technician to handle your fitment or installation. When looking for a fitment professional to assist you, we urge you to choose us at Electronic Fitment Centre. Our qualified and experienced technicians will ensure that your installation is handled with accuracy and the utmost care. Continue reading

Electronic Fitment Centre for Car Care

Ensure the Best Car Care Efforts with the Help of Electronic Fitment Centre

If you take pride in how you care for your vehicle, then turning to an electronic fitment centre to professionally handle all of your vehicle fitments and installations is absolutely essential. While backyard mechanics and technicians might be able to offer you a good price on a “quick and easy” service, you simply have no recourse if the person dealing with your installation is not an authorised or recognised installation specialist. This can apply to various types of vehicle installations, such as radio and CD player installations, Bluetooth, electric windows, smash and grab as well as cruise control, air conditioning and so much more. If you take your car care seriously, Electronic Fitment Centre in Pretoria is the place to go. Continue reading

Smash and Grab Fitment

Protect Your Life and Valuables with Smash and Grab Fitment in Gauteng

With crime statistics being what they currently are, smash and grab fitment seems the obvious security measure. Too many people lead their lives with an “it will never happen to me” approach and only realise the value of taking precautionary measures when it’s too late. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we like to advise our clients on all of their options when it comes to vehicle safety and security. Our smash and grab product is one that is frequently requested and is from the SunTek range. Those looking for a top-quality product will certainly be impressed, as that this smash and grab film comes with a 7-year warranty attached. Continue reading

Bluetooth Car Kit Fitment

Bluetooth Car Kit Fitment Services in Gauteng

Road safety should be a top priority for each and every one of us, and this is the number one reason why we recommend that you consider a Bluetooth car kit fitment. Bluetooth kits provide the convenience of allowing drivers to make and receive calls hands-free. They also provide the convenience of being able to play music in your vehicle via your mobile device or other Bluetooth enabled device. Bluetooth is a technology that connects devices in close range and enables them to share files, stream music and similar. Such technology is most certainly welcomed in the automobile world, where safety and the enjoyment of listening to music while travelling are important.   Continue reading