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Gear Lock Systems

The Main Advantages of Gear Lock Systems

Safety and security is a major concern for motorists in South Africa. Too many drivers have been caught out by the “it will never happen to me” outlook and have suffered the consequences. If you don’t have security measures in place to protect your vehicle from theft, you have a high chance of your vehicle being a hot target for opportunists. Gear lock systems are one of the most basic vehicle security features and they have certainly stood the test of time. Continue reading

Window Tinting

The Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting is about more than just aesthetic appeal in this day and age. With smash & grab incidents on the increase, it has become important for motorists to consider all of their options when it comes to their safety on the roads. One product in particular is doing very well at the moment, namely LLumar window film…and for good reasons too. The film is applied to the back and side windows and has a slight tint to it, which creates greater privacy for the passengers and driver inside. This also means that valuable belongings are less visible and smash & grabs less easy to carry out. Continue reading

Park Distance Control (Electronic Fitment Centre)

Get Your Park Distance Control Installed at Electronic Fitment Centre Today

Have you ever had an unfortunate accident where you have reversed into another vehicle or dented your car by driving into an object within a blind spot? Many have had the very same experience and have been faced with the repairs expenses to follow. Enter Park Distance Control! Continue reading