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Towbar Prices

Towbar Prices are More Than Justified by Their Potential Value

The prices charged for a towbar can vary quite significantly, but fitting one can be among the most valuable additions you ever make to your vehicle. How many people must have been subjected the demands of relocating and the innumerable return journeys in their cars with items that it was preferred not to entrust to the removal company?  The multiple journeys could, of course, have probably been reduced to a single trip by the simple act of either borrowing or hiring a small trailer. That simple remedy, however, is only made possible by equipping the vehicle with the means to attach the said trailer.

Owning a towbar then can save one a lot of hassles. Prices for quality units are generally affordable and will often include the installation which, for peace of mind, is a task that is best left to an authorised fitment centre. Incidentally, that trailer can be equally useful as a workhorse for anyone who is engaged in a small business that may involve delivery of small loads that are too big or too awkward to fit into a saloon car. In this instance, the relatively modest investment needed to acquire a towbar could save a business owner from the far higher prices applicable when purchasing a dedicated delivery van.

Business and removals apart, this simple accessory can also be the means to add a little more enjoyment to your life. South Africa’s scenic appeal, excellent highway network and innumerable camping facilities create the perfect environment for caravanning. Today, more people are finding that towing their own accommodation behind them offers far greater privacy and freedom in terms of where they wish to go, as well as being considerably less expensive than staying in hotels, guest houses and even most self-catering facilities.

Of course, fitting a towbar will, once again, be a prior requirement. Given the heavy load and its value, prices should definitely be regarded as less of a concern than being certain that you purchase a good quality product that will not fail when under load. Also, it is very important to ensure that it is correctly fitted by an experienced professional.

Pretoria’s Electronic Fitment Centre (ECF) is widely regarded as a leader in its sphere and is trusted both by individuals, as well as many of the country’s more prestigious corporates as a supplier and installer of a wide range of vehicle accessories and enhancements. We offer our clients the assurance of premier quality products that are backed by the sound advice and impeccable service from experts in the field. Make ECF your choice for quality towbars at competitive prices.

Window Tinting (Benefits)

Car Window Tinting Offers a Number of Important Benefits

The practice of window tinting is popular in South Africa and offers a number of significant benefits when installed in a vehicle. The process involves lamination and consists of carefully applying a thin film, usually of a tough polyester material, to the interior surface of the glass. While this may be undertaken using a clear film, the trend in motor vehicles is to install one that is sufficiently coloured to reduce the visible light transmission (VLT) of a pane to something between 25% and 70% of its normal level. The lower the number, the lower the visibility and the legally permitted minimum varies between countries. Continue reading

Bluetooth Car Kits (Fitment)

Fitment of Bluetooth Car Kits Best Left to the Professionals

The development of Bluetooth kits for fitment in cars was a natural application of the wireless connectivity protocol invented in 1994 by the Swedish telecoms provider Ericsson. Like Wi-Fi, it allows digital devices to exchange data, though only over short distances; unlike the former that can be used to build large local area networks suitable for the workplace. It is best suited to mobile devices and the small scale personal networks that have become a common feature in the home, offering short-range communication without the need for the usual tangle of data cables. Among the first applications of this technology for home use were the wireless PC keyboard and mouse. Continue reading