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Smash and Grab Security Systems

Should Your Car Be Protected with Smash and Grab Security?

If you are lucky enough not to have suffered through a smash and grab scenario before, then perhaps you may be one of the South Africans who still believe that it never happen to you. You are right, of course, it won’t happen to you – until it does. So should your car be protected with smash and grab security? Decide for yourself.

Crime and criminal activity on South Africa’s roads require motorists to be alert and cautious while on driving. Although great progress has been achieved in the fight against vehicle theft and hijackings, a noticeable increase has been noted in opportunistic theft from vehicles. Many of these crimes have been coined under the umbrella term of “smash-and-grab” crimes.

What is a Smash and Grab Crime?

A smash and grab criminal turns a pleasant drive or a routine commute into a nightmare, when criminals pounce on unsuspecting drivers. This crime is characterised by smashing through the vehicle’s window while the car is moving slowly through traffic or is stationary at a traffic light, and then grabbing something of value – anything from a handbag, to a laptop or jacket.

The whole premise of this crime plays on the element of surprise and speed. The violent and instantaneous smashing of a window at the passenger side catches the motorist by surprise and leaves him/her in a few moments of paralysis. Those few moments are just enough time for a criminal to get hold of valuables, and invade the privacy and sense of security of a motorist.

The Cost of Smash and Grab Security versus Dealing with a Smash and Grab Crime

Smash and grab crimes can be expensive. Aside from the actual theft of valuable property, the cost of repairs to the vehicle and windows only add insult to injury. Victims also feel traumatised and victimised for quite some time after the attack.

We know the risk that our clients take every time that they hit the open road and that just fuels our passion for keeping them safe while driving. Our most effective measure to protect our clients against smash and grab attacks is safety film. An untreated vehicle’s windows can shatter when struck with a hard object

Safety film applied to the vehicle’s inside helps to keep your car’s window in place, even when struck with a hard object. While the safety film cannot prevent smash and grabs from occurring, it can slow the attacker’s access to the vehicle and give you a response time to take evasive actions. Contact us, at Electronic Fitment Centre, to discuss our SunTek smash and grab security solutions, and to secure your vehicle while on the road.

Window Tinting Systems

Six Reasons to Invest in Window Tinting Systems

South Africa is famous for its climate – millions of tourists hit our shores every year in search of relief from their dreary winter months. With this great climate also comes a caveat to protect our skins against the African sun and harmful UVs. Many road users do this by investing in window tinting systems for their vehicles.

The health benefit, however, is just one of the reasons why window tinting systems are a great investment. So let’s have a look at the top reasons why tinting your vehicle’s windows is a great investment.

Reason 1: Awesome Privacy

Let’s just face it. In some of the dodgier part of towns, it is always a good idea to keep a low profile. Window tints improve and guard your privacy, regardless of where you are. What’s more, it also helps you to keep the things in your car safer when you are not around.

Reason 2: Better Driving

Ever suffered through driving with the sun in your face? It is more than just an annoyance – it can be deadly. Window tinting systems shield your eyes and keep glare from all extreme light sources at bay while you are driving.

Reason 3: Shatter Proof

If you are a South African motorist, chances are that you have heard about smash and grab crime. Window tinting boosts the strength of windows and helps to keep your car’s window from shattering upon impact with a heavy or sharp object.

Reason 4: Upholstery Protection

UV rays and extreme heat from direct sunlight can truly turn your upholstery into a hot mess in a mere few years. Window tinting prevents this and keeps your car’s upholstery from getting hot enough to crack or fade.

Reason 5: Keeping Cool

With a great quality window tinting system, you can effectively reduce the heat inside your vehicle during the sweltering South African summers by up to 60%. It also helps that you to save on petrol costs, as your air conditioning will not be working overtime keeping you cool in February!

Reason 6: Staying Healthy

Window tinting systems are proven to keep up to 99% of harmful UV rays out of your car and away from your kids. Direct exposure to sunlight and its UV rays not only accelerates ageing and damages your skin, but can also cause skin cancer.

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we offer cutting-edge SunTek window tinting systems at incredibly competitive rates. Contact us and one of our twelve mobile teams will come to you and take care of its installation.

SunTek Products from EFC

Leading SunTek Products from Electronic Fitment Centre

SunTek is a leading manufacturer of vehicle window safety film. Their premium window films are trusted around the world for their quality and durability. Millions of South African motorists trust SunTek products to keep them safe on the road – both from smash and grab criminals, and harmful South African UV rays.

We feel so confident about the quality of our SunTek products that we offer a 7-year nationwide warranty on the quality of your vehicle’s window film. You have various options when it comes to choosing which SunTek products will work best for you. The window film comes available in:

  • 35%;
  • 50%; and
  • Clear.

While safety film will not prevent a smash and grab attack from happening, it can help to slow the attackers down enough to provide the motorist with valuable reaction time to take evasive actions. It removes the advantage of the criminals’ element of surprise and stacks the odds in the favour of the motorist again.

SunTek Products – Made in the U.S.A

All SunTek products are manufactured in Martinsville in the US. Their products are manufactured to the very highest standards, and installation is streamlined and applied in a matter of hours. At Electronic Fitment Centre, our 12 mobile teams are at the ready to meet you where you are to take care of the installation of our quality and leading SunTek products.

The production facilities in Martinsville, Virginia, are equipped with the very latest precision laminating, coating equipment and cutting-edge dyed film line. SunTek’s team of chemists and engineers has developed an extensive range of innovative technology that is exclusively available to SunTek clients.

SunTek has a reputation around the world as a leader and premium provider of innovative window film solutions. Keep harmful UV rays out of your vehicle, protect its interior and keep your family cool during the summer months, while also saving on air-conditioning costs. This one-time investment offers ongoing benefits and advantages to any motorist who values their privacy and comfort during the commute.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should consider taking up SunTek products as part of your approach to vehicle security. We are passionate about providing our clients with the best and most competitively priced window tinting solutions. Contact us, at Electronic Fitment Centre, to discuss all of our window film solutions and to find out how we can help you to secure your car and boost your comfort during commutes.