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Window Tinting and the Value

Window Tinting with Safety Film Adds Value to Your Vehicle

There are many reasons why people have their car windows darkened or tinted.  In addition to providing good looks, window tinting will add value to your car, as it protects your vehicle’s interior from degradation by UV rays.  Just like sunglasses, it helps to block out the majority of harmful rays that will ultimately cause damage to the fabrics inside the car, and helps to keep the interior of the vehicle in better shape.

Another important reason why people opt for window tinting is for protection and safety.  Tinted windows obscure the view of the interior of the vehicle and as a result, your belongings are not very visible to outsiders.  This means that there will be less temptation for thieves passing by, while they are looking around for their next victim.  You will also feel more private, as the darkened windows will make you less visible from the outside.  It also serves to cut out the glare and keeps the car cooler on the inside.

Our Electronic Fitment Centre is ready and able to fit your car with the best tinted window film manufactured by SunTek.  This safety film is fitted to the interior side of the vehicle’s windows, and makes the window impenetrable during a smash and grab attack.  Intruders are unable to easily smash through the protective film on the inside of your car window, and this will either stop them entering your car altogether, or slow down their entry to your vehicle and give you a lot more time to get away from the danger.  Criminals are also aware of the new developments in safety film, and are much less likely to risk a smash and grab attack on tinted windows than on non-tinted windows. Window tinting therefore adds value as a crime deterrent as well.

All other electronic installations can also be performed expertly by our qualified installation technicians, at Electronic Fitment Centre.  We can perform many services when it comes to your vehicle – from the installation of SunTek technologies, to fitting of alarms, tracking devices, car radios, DVD players, cruise control, navigational systems, gear locks, Bluetooth car kits, central locking, headlights, Armour Glaze, Llumar components and many more.  Our technicians are professional at all times, and they make quality and value for money their top priority.  The installations or fitments can be done at our premises in Hatfield, Pretoria, or at your premises.

We have telephonic and online consultants to assist you with any queries about our products and installations, and we are able to offer valuable assistance with the installation of just about anything for your car.  You are welcome to find out more about all of our services and products by contacting us telephonically or online, or take a look at our wide range of state-of-the-art technology for your vehicle on our catalogue page.

Whether you are interested in window tinting or getting value for money by fitting your car with a new sound system, we will ensure that you receive top-level service at a reasonable price!

About SunTek

Want to Know More About SunTek Safety Film for Your Car?

Do you own a vehicle or have you just bought a new vehicle, and you would like to enjoy more privacy or better protection?  This can be done more easily than you might think!  Our Electronic Fitment Centre can fit your vehicle with a protective film called SunTek within hours.  The film is fitted on the interior of the vehicle windows and can be darkened for more privacy, if you prefer.

Various shades of tint are available, and you will be able to feel safer in your vehicle, while also enjoying more privacy.  This technology came about when SunTek, a company in the USA, created this wonderful film, and they are quickly becoming leaders in their field regarding innovation and quality in the industry.

SunTek widow film is manufactured to the highest standards, and it can be installed within just a few hours.  While the installation of this safety film may not completely prevent incidents like smash and grab crimes, it will certainly slow down or stop an intruder’s entry into your car.  This will give you more time to respond and to drive away if possible.  Tinting your windows will limit the view of the interior of the vehicle and as a result, your possessions are not very visible to passers-by.  Smash and grab crimes are opportunistic, but will usually only happen if the perpetrator is sure of the number of passengers in a vehicle and also that there is something worth stealing in the vehicle.  It is therefore best to keep windows tinted and to keep possessions stored away from plain sight.

SunTek is an affordable and widely used technology world-wide, and is very suited to the South African climate, while still being affordable and effective.  At Electronic Fitment Centre, we take care of the installation of this innovative safety film and can provide a lot of information about SunTek to our customers.  We are able to fit fleets of cars with this technology and we manage all of the installations of electronic equipment for large scale businesses and corporates.  Our experienced, well-qualified technicians are able to perform installations and fittings at our workshop premises in Hatfield, Pretoria, or our mobile team can also perform these duties at your premises.

In addition to fitting safety film, we also install electronic equipment made by JVC, Sony, Philips, Kicker, Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, Panasonic, JBL, Audiobank and Philips.  The products that we sell and install are known for innovation and quality, and we are dedicated to only providing you with the best.

If you would like to find out more about SunTek fitting and the other services that we provide, please send us an email or give us a call.  We are also happy to provide online quotes or discuss the best products for your vehicle.

Car Radio Installations

Looking for Professional Car Radio Installations?

Do you have a car radio or sound system in your vehicle that needs replacing or repairing?  The Electronic Fitment Centre provides a wide range of services, and can fit and install an array of electronic equipment and accessories, in or onto your vehicle.  We do car radio installations and repairs of all types, and for all of the major brands, like JVC, Panasonic, Philips, Kenwood, Pioneer, Star Sound, Audiobank, Jensen, JBL and Kicker.

Our installation team consists of professionals who guarantee quality above all else.  We have the expertise to install all kinds of electronic equipment, like in-car DVD players, tracking systems, navigational systems, Bluetooth devices, air-conditioning units, cruise control, central locking, alarms and immobilisers, gear locks, Armour Glaze and shading for your windows.  Our workshop is based in Hatfield, but we also have an expert installation and repair team that can perform installations or repairs at the premises of your choice.

Because we have such a large team of professionals, we are able to manage the installation needs of large fleets of cars, buses and other modes of transport, and we count many well-known businesses and individuals as our clients.  We are capable of doing many installations quickly and effectively, and we guarantee our workmanship and quality.  We provide additional services, such as the installation of tow bars, window tinting and the fitting of safety film to windows.  We can basically fit, install or repair anything that your vehicle might require – all under one roof for your convenience.

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we have been in business for over twenty years, and we have achieved gold standard and VESA approval.  We offer excellent after-sales care services for our clients and we even have customer care consultants who will be happy to assist with all of your queries.  You can make your bookings online, via email or telephonically.

It is always good to know that your vehicle is in the expert hands of professionals who take their business and clients seriously.  Whether you need to purchase a product, such as a car radio or other components, or require installations of electronic equipment of various kinds, our Electronic Fitment Centre is known as a leader in this field.   We ensure that we keep up with the times, and can provide and fit the latest and most efficient products and technology that is globally in use.  Our clients are very important to us, and we strive to keep them happy with our professional service and state-of-the-art products.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help you!

Car Sound Systems

Contact Us for the Best Car Sound Systems!

Everybody likes to have the option to listen to the radio, a CD or MP3 while driving, and radio/CD player fittings now come as standard with most models of new vehicles.   More often than not, these standard systems tend to completely meet the sound requirements of the driver, but if you are fussy and you insist on state-of-the-art, high-quality sound, you may want to purchase your own car sound system and have it installed.

Your sound needs in your vehicle can be addressed by finding the most suitable system for your vehicle and having it installed by a professional.  So many people assume that the installation of a car sound system is easy, but it is definitely a highly skilled job.  It is indeed difficult to get the sound quality right, to balance sound, and install speakers and woofers without damaging the interior of the car, and it is therefore essential that your car sound system is installed by a professional

Firstly, it is important to choose the most suitable system for your vehicle – forget about choosing the system that looks the best, rather focus on how it must sound!  Looks do have a bearing, but let’s face it – nobody makes horrible looking car systems any more, and you are spoiled for choice.  The location of the various components of the system within the vehicle can also make a huge difference to the sound, and it is important to know the best location for speakers and woofers to get the most out of your car sound systems.

The vehicle also has a particular interior look, which can easily be spoiled by the incorrect installation of stereo components!  You have to find a strong balance between the aesthetics and the sound in the vehicle.  Incorrect placement can also create disturbances between the various components, and sound may become distorted if the sound system is installed incorrectly.  The wiring during installation is also of vital importance, because if this is done incorrectly, it may result in damage to the system, or even total destruction of the system!  Someone with a good knowledge of auto electrical systems and the basic design of a car is required.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it becomes clear that you should really only trust a professional and experienced person to help you find the most suitable system for your vehicle, and to install and wire it correctly.  A fitment professional will have ample knowledge about the types of wiring to use, the location of certain speakers and other components, and also where and how to install the system with the minimum of damage to the interior of the vehicle.  Contact us, at Electronic Fitment Centre, for the installation of your car sound systems – you won’t be sorry!

Bluetooth Car Kit

Yes, You DO need a Bluetooth Car Kit!

Road laws now make it forbidden to use a telecommunication device during driving, and even texting or taking a message, or returning a voicemail while driving is illegal.  Actions such as this distract our attention from the road, putting us and other travellers at risk of vehicle accidents, injury, and sometimes even death.  This means that if your phone rings while you are driving, you are not able to answer it, and you may miss important calls while on route somewhere.  The answer to this problem is to have a Bluetooth car kit installed!

The recent developments in Bluetooth in-car technology are very innovative, and allow you to perform various functions while driving, such as getting information about your route and connecting to other devices in the car, such as the sound system, and you can even take and make calls from your cell phone.  Wireless technology is employed to send signals to a wireless headset system, which enables the more effective and safe handling of calls.

Your cell phone can be stored out of sight in a cubbyhole, handbag, your pocket or a briefcase, and you will still be able to communicate with this device using Bluetooth.  It is activated the moment that you switch on the ignition and automatically links to your cell phone.  You can then accept, make or reject calls while you are driving.  Bluetooth is also not restricted to your cell phone; you can also manage and interact with other devices in the vehicle, such as the following:

  1. A GPS can give you directions and help you to plan a new route according to traffic updates.
  1. The super advanced sunglass option allows you to interact with an MP3 player, which is built into your sunglasses and controlled using Bluetooth.
  1. Wireless mouse technology to make use of your computer more convenient.
  1. Connect your laptop to your cell phone and you are able to browse the internet and other social media for updates anywhere you are!

If you have questions about Bluetooth technology or want to have a Bluetooth car kit installed, please feel free to contact our service consultants at Electronic Fitment Centre.  In addition to superb service, and fast and accurate installation, we also stock a wonderful range of high-tech Bluetooth car kits, and we ensure that your fitment is done quickly and effectively.  We will be able to recommend the kit that is best suited to your requirements and install it for you at a cost-effective price!