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Car Sound Systems

Enjoy Your Journey with Our Innovative Car Sound Systems!

Most modern motor vehicles come with their car sound systems already fitted as standard and more often than not, these systems meet the needs of the vehicle owner.  In some cases, however, people who are really serious about their sound, choose to purchase high performance quality car sound systems that specifically suit their needs. They then have them installed by a professional fitment centre.

It is easy to choose the incorrect system, as professional advice is required when it comes to car sound systems.  One of the most obvious mistakes that people tend to make is to choose the most attractive or modern looking systems, without really considering the sound.  Keep in mind why you are purchasing a system – of course, it needs to be attractive, but the most important factor about a sound system is the sound!

It is also essential to know how and where to install your speakers to get the best quality of sound, without detracting from the interior aesthetics of the vehicle.  The professionals at a good fitment centre will be able to advise you on the type of system to purchase and also make recommendations on where the speakers, woofers and amplifiers should be installed.  It is important to consider how the different components inside the vehicle will affect the other systems around it, and if these are not fitted correctly, it could seriously distort sound or cause interference from other systems.

Another very important component is the wiring – if this is not done correctly, it could cause damage to the system and other components in the vehicle.  Usually, only a fitment professional will know exactly which types of wires would be suitable for your system, and also know how to wire the system in a way that it is invisible and unobtrusive.  A lot of knowledge is required about auto electrical installations and the design of motor vehicle electronics.  The sound after installation will very much depend on how well the installation was done. Even if the best and most expensive car sound system is used, an incorrect installation could result in very disappointing sound and external interferences.

Our professional installation experts, at Electronic Fitment Centre, are able to take care of the effective and correct installation of your sound system.  We also have a wide range of high-quality and very cost-effective audio systems for you to choose from.  We have numerous mobile teams who travel to clients and perform installations, if it is impossible for the client to get to our fitment centre.  We cover a wide radius around Gauteng and the West Rand, and our workmanship is guaranteed along with our products.  If you choose us for your installation, you can rest assured that you will only get quality sound from your car sound systems.

Bluetooth Car Kit

More about Using a Bluetooth Car Kit

It is now illegal to operate a phone while driving and often, we miss important calls or are tempted to take calls while we are driving.  All of these actions distract our attention from the road and in order to be able to be safe on the road, while still taking calls, you can install a Bluetooth car kit!

What is a Bluetooth Car Kit?

One of the latest developments in wireless technology is the development of Bluetooth.  This allows you to access phone calls and other information through a wireless system on a headset, and enables better handling of your car during calls.  You are able to place your phone in your pocket, handbag or anywhere else in the vehicle, and with one turn of your ignition, you will be linked to your cell phone through your headset. You will thus be able to easily and safely make or reject calls while you are on the road.

There are various types of Bluetooth kits and it is essential to find a fitment centre that will not only provide you with state-of-the-art technology and have access to the most reputable products, but will also ensure that the installation of your Bluetooth car kit is done effectively and efficiently. But the use of Bluetooth is not only restricted to your cell phone!  You are also able to communicate with your car stereo system and other electronic devices, when they are linked up to a Bluetooth car kit.

Various devices that can be linked to your Bluetooth kit include:

  • Your GPS can be linked to your cell phone, in order to get information on routes and locations.
  • You are able to listen to your MP3 player with your wireless headset – you can even find one that is embedded into your sunglasses!
  • Connect your cell phone with your laptop, in order to gain access to the internet wherever you are, at a much lower cost than your mobile wireless internet provider!

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we stock a reliable range of innovative Bluetooth car kits, and we ensure that your kit is fitted professionally and effectively.  If you would like to know more about our range or have questions about how our Bluetooth car kits can benefit you, speak to our consultants today.  We will ensure that we find the kit that is most suited to your needs and give you instructions on how to use it.  We are also on hand for after-sales queries, in order to help you utilise your Bluetooth car kit at an optimum level.  Give us a call today!

Smash and Grab Fitting

Avoid Becoming a Statistic With Smash and Grab Fittings!

Car crime is rife in South Africa, and smash and grab crimes are very popular with criminals who would like to get hold of your possessions in your car and then be able to make a fast getaway.  They thrive on the element of surprise and when you least expect it, they smash your car window in, grab possessions, such as handbags, cell phones and laptops, and disappear without a trace, under the guise of the surrounding traffic.  Car owners are generally unwilling to go after them and leave their car on its own in the road, which is why the criminals usually manage to get away fairly unscathed.  There are many things that you can do to prevent this crime from happening to you, and one of the most effective ways of combating this type of crime is to have your car windows fitted with smash and grab fittings.

What are Smash and Grab Fittings?

When a normal car window is struck with a hard object, it shatters and in order to prevent this from happening, you can have safety film fitted to the inside surface of your motor vehicle’s windows.  This film does not prevent the window from breaking, but it does stop it from shattering.  There are two advantages to this – it slows down the attacker, by making it harder to hack through the film in order to gain access to the car, which will help you to take evasive actions.  It also ultimately removes the element of surprise from the crime, as the only person who ends up being surprised is the criminal!  Another advantage is that smash and grab fittings prevent your windows from shattering during a side impact, leaving much less of a chance of you being injured by shattering glass, during impact or after impact.  Certain types of security film will also include a tint which provides extra protection, as the passengers and possessions in the car are not very visible to potential smash and grab opportunists.

Where do I Find it?

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we make use of SunTek Window Film.  This is an American made product specifically created for smash and grab fitment. It is also well-known for other effective qualities and high performance standards.  The film can be installed at our premises within a short period of time, and you can rest assured that you will not become an easy victim of smash and grabbing ever again!

If you would like to find out more about the advantages of smash and grab fittings, please contact our customer care consultants today!