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Car Radio Installation

Car Radio Installation – Choosing an Audio System for Your Car

These days, when you purchase a new car, it generally comes with a factory fitted car radio. Unfortunately, there are very few car companies that will fit a good quality car radio into the vehicle, unless of course you are paying for a fairly high end vehicle. The good news is, however, that if you do not like the radio system that came with the car, you can choose the right system you do want and have it installed.

A quality radio will have good sound, but it may come at a price, so it would be prudent to hunt for a system that is good to your ears and not so heavy on your pocket. As for the car radio installation, our experts at Electronic Fitment Centre are standing by the assist you, so that you may get the best for your buck.

Common Components in the Deck Unit

Inside you will find the radio receiver for FM and AM radio, CD or DVD players have now replaced cassettes players, while the latest innovations are Bluetooth, USB, and even HD Radio with a DSP component and amplifier circuit. The head unit is usually installed at the centre of the dashboard, between driver and the front passenger.

The speakers are the most neglected part of the audio system. Your head unit may be of high quality, but if the speakers are unmatched to the head unit’s specifications or are of inferior quality, the sound quality output will not be pleasing to your ears. You have to be very choosy and in accordance to your head unit if you want to enjoy crisp clear sound at high volume.

Use Your Ears for the Best Car Radio Installation

Do research beforehand regarding the brands or better still, you could ask the dealers to show you a demo of different brands. Powerful sub-woofers can be installed at the back of the car behind the passenger seat, and the relatively smaller and less powerful speakers are placed in front right next to the dashboard. The woofer has an additional fitting, generally added if the low frequency output is not satisfactory.

You also need to remember that you should get your car radio installation done by a professional service provider, like EFC, if you want to get high quality sound output; a sound system that is going to keep you listening for hours while you are travelling in your car.

For more information on radios for your car or the installation thereof, please feel free to contact our team today.

Bull Bar Fitment Centre

Get Your Bull Bar for that Added Protection for Your Vehicle at Our Fitment Centre

You should contact your nearest Electronic Fitment Centre to find out more about fitting a bull bar to your vehicle as a much needed safety measure. The bull bar is fitted onto the front of the vehicle where it can help to protect the bumper, headlights, engine and, most importantly, the occupants in the case of a road accident. Installing something as strong and sturdy like that, always improves the likelihood of saving precious lives in the event of a mishap.

Bull bars were originally developed to protect the front of vehicles, like 4x4s, in rough terrain. It served to protect your head lights, radiator and several other important parts of the vehicle, which, when damaged off-road, could happen in a place where help is far to find. Bull bars come in various sizes and can be chosen according to the vehicle’s make and size.

Bull Bars are Generally Attached to Off-Road Vehicles

The steel fitment takes most of the impact of a collision with another vehicle and it comes in handy when you are driving out in some of the rougher parts of the country. It is generally made of sturdy steel tubes that are either welded together or folded into shape by machines.  Steel bull bars are preferred by four-wheel drive vehicle owners, as they also come in a variety of designs, like the brush bar that was designed to protect the headlights and extra attachments in the front of the vehicle from small trees and bushes.

Smaller vehicles, like LDVs and light sedans, can also install nudge bars that are made of aluminium alloy tubes, which are lighter but still strong. Nudge bars are strong enough to take most of the force of the impact if the vehicle hits something, thus having less of an impact on the occupants. On the other hand, the bumper may still take some of the impact, as it is designed to crumple.

Visit Your Nearest Bull Bar Fitment Centre for a Fitting

As long as you remember that the front section used to construct the bar should be made from a single piece of steel or aluminium alloy, and it must be sturdy. The second important aspect is the thickness; the thicker the bar, the stronger it is going to be, but keep in mind that it might also be much heavier. Most of these items are on display at your nearest Electronic Fitment Centre where you will be able to get a real feel for the strength of a quality bull bar for your vehicle! Call us today for more information.