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Towbar and Bullbar Installations

Quick and Professional Towbar and Bullbar Installations

There are various reasons why people seek out towbar and bullbar installations for their vehicles. The main reasons why these items are chosen are for the convenience that they offer, as well as the safety / security of the vehicle. For instance, a towbar is great for towing another vehicle that may have broken down, or even transporting a boat, trailer or similar. A bullbar is generally attached to the back of a bakkie as a platform for mounting various devices and items.

Regardless of what type of vehicle you have, you will need to be supplied with a top quality item that is built to last. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we can provide you with the unit and ensure that it is professionally installed for you.

With over 20 years of experience in the fitment field, we at Electronic Fitment Centre are able to provide you with a professional, affordable and reliable service at all times. We are suppliers of only genuine products in South Africa, so you are guaranteed of absolute value for money and product quality at all times when investing in our range. The fact that we make use of genuine products means that we are able to offer warrantees and guarantees that are backed by the manufacturers. We can also guarantee our workmanship as each and every one of our staff members is trained and experienced in the installation and fitment field.

When it comes to towbars, the RV mounted varieties are a popular choice as they come with a variety of beneficial features. If you are looking to have one installed, you could visit our offices in Pretoria, or you could arrange for one of our 12 mobile installation teams to pay a visit to your premises. We can arrange the very same type of service for your bullbar installation.

While we are located in Gauteng, we ensure that we can offer full fleet management services on a national basis. We have reliable service providers available across the country and top brands on the market such as Debis (Telkom), Avis, Early Bird Farms, AVBOB and similar have trusted us with their fleet fitment and installation needs.

If you are looking for assistance with professional towbar and bullbar installations then waste no more time. Be in touch with us at Electronic Fitment Centre and ensure that you are provided with a quotation from us to consider. You simply will not regret it!

Car Fitments – For Any

Car Fitments for Any Electronic Needs

Having electronic accessories, devices and similar installed in your car is not something that anyone can just do. You need to seek out a professional team to assist you.

At Electronic Fitment Centre we offer car fitments of a variety of items and guarantee that we will be available for any electronic needs that you might have regarding your vehicle. If you want your vehicle and its additional devices to operate smoothly then you will need to have a professional installation organised.

What type of fitment services can we offer you? The following services are on offer at Electronic Fitment Centre:

  • Bluetooth car kits
  • Parking distance control
  • Navigation systems
  • Car DVD systems
  • Electric windows
  • Veri Dot
  • Cruise control
  • Air conditioners
  • Radios
  • Sound systems
  • iPod converters
  • Immobilisers
  • Alarm systems
  • Central locking
  • Tracking and recovery systems

When it comes to professional installations, we are the cream of the crop. Each of our staff members have undergone training and are qualified and experienced in installing the electronic device or accessory of your choice. We have various certifications that prove our professionalism and dedication to customer service excellence.

The Electronic Fitment Centre team has been serving the market in excess of 20 years now. While our offices can be found in Hatfield, in Pretoria, we have 12 mobile teams available to pay a visit to your premises to provide you with a quotation and carry out the required services. We are also specialised in large fleet management which is a service that we provide on a country wide basis. We provide our services to large fleets for the likes of Debis, AVBOB, Fidelity, Early Bird Farms and Avis to name but a few.

In addition to our electronic fitment services, we also offer to fit additional items to vehicles professionally such as nudge bars, bull bars, tow bars, gear locks and so on. We can also provide you with assistance with anti-smash and grab film installations and various other protective film applications for lights and so on too. At Electronic Fitment Centre we offer full vehicle outfitting services.

If you are looking for a company that offers professional car fitments then you have come to the right place. For any electronic needs that you might have; turn to us at Electronic Fitment Centre and we will provide you with access to a wide range of options to consider.

Smash and Grab Protection

Smash and Grab Protection – Choose SunTek Window Film!

It can be quite terrifying to be a victim of a smash and grab attack and without the right security measures in place, you are always at risk. Unfortunately, criminals do not discriminate and this means that you need to ensure that you are security conscious at all times. While it can help avoiding potentially dangerous areas, it is best advised to install smash and grab protection on your vehicle. At Electronic Fitment Centre we have your best interests at heart and want to ensure that you are provided with access to a range of vehicle security products that are reliable and of the utmost best quality.

If you have not made use of smash and grab protection before then you might not know exactly how it works. When a glass window is struck with a heavy or hard object it shatters fairly quickly. The element of surprise and instant access to the vehicle is what makes it so easy for these criminals to get away with the valuables that the driver might have inside. Smash and grab protective film is a product that is applied to the inside of the car’s window. This film does not eliminate the opportunity of the window shattering, but holds the shattered pieces in place when the window is struck. This provides the driver with enough time to get away, and often the fact that the window does not immediately break, frightens the criminal into running away too.

It is a fact that there are a variety of these particular types of products on the market. At Electronic Fitment Centre we stock SunTek Window Film which is manufactured in the USA. One of the main advantages of this product is that it is manufactured from the highest quality materials and can also be installed in just a few hours. At our world-class facilities in Virginia, which is well equipped with market leading and technologically advanced equipment, we produce our SunTek Window Film to perfection.

While the reasons for choosing window film are obvious, our products are certainly the best choice for the following reasons:

  • SunTek Window Film is available two varieties 35% clear and 50% clear – the choice is yours.
  • This window film is available in 150 micron which is top quality and offers value for money.
  • We offer a 7 year warranty nationwide on our safety film for your peace of mind.

At Electronic Fitment Centre we understand how important your safety is and that of your passengers. We want nothing more than to provide you with a way to protect yourself and those that you love and with our SunTek Window Film products, this is absolutely possible.

We have Gold status VESA approval on all of our products which puts us ahead of the competition at all times. Our exceptional product installation services and final integration earns us great respect and reliability on the market. All those who invest in our range of products will not be disappointed and can rest assured that their safety is paramount to us.

All safety film and other products are professionally installed. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products or installation services, we encourage you to be in touch with us, and we will do what we can to assist you.

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we will ensure that you are provided with access to a range of the finest vehicle security features and accessories. Waste no time in turning to us for all your fitment, application and installation needs and requirements. Allow us to make your time spent in your vehicle, a safer experience with our smash and grab protection.