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Bull Bars for Sale

Bull Bars for Sale in Gauteng

Many people do not take their safety and that of their vehicle seriously enough, until it is too late. If you want to ensure that you have a safe road use experience it is essential that you ensure you have all the required and available security features and accessories that are available on the market for your make and model of vehicle. If you are looking for bull bars for sale in the Gauteng area then we have just what you need. We also have a whole variety of other security products that might grab your attention.

A bull bar is generally fitted to the front of the vehicle which helps to protect it and the occupants of the vehicle from a collision. They are typically made from welded aluminium or steel which makes them quite sturdy and difficult to damage. A number of vehicles are sold with bull bars already attached while others have the option to have them fitted at a later stage.

Electronic Fitment Centre specialises in providing the market with top quality and reliable products. When supplying you with a bull bar for your vehicle we will also professional install it for you. We understand that each type of vehicle is different and so we supply a variety of bull bars for you to choose from.

We operate within Gauteng and have 42 installers and 8 mobile teams who are quite well known in the areas of Pretoria, Benoni, Witbank, and Rustenburg and so on. We also have 17 years of experience in the industry which we put to good use in advising our clients and providing a phenomenal sales service and after sales service.

When it comes to the fitting of your unit, there is simply nothing to fear. We ensure that each and every one of our team members is trained and certified to carry out the task. A professional service that is prompt, accurate and efficient is our aim at Electronic Fitment Centre. When approaching us for assistance you will be helped by a team that is dedicated to the task at hand and will treat your fitment with a sense of urgency, without compromising on the quality of workmanship involved.

In addition to the sale and fitting of bull bars, we also offer a variety of other products and fitment services to the market. These include Bluetooth car kits, distance control, navigation systems, DVD systems, cruise control, air conditioners, radios, sound systems, alarms and immobilisers, central locking, tracking and recovery systems, tow bars, nudge bars and side steps to name but a few.

We are a trusted service provider and supplier for various insurance companies and as such ensure that our products are always of the highest possible quality and standard. Competitive rates and attention to detail help us to ensure that our clients are happy at all times.

We like to make sure that our clients are completely confident in the products and services that they are investing in so we encourage you to be in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and requirements. We will present our range of products to you and furnish you with a detailed quotation for your consideration.

When it comes to finding reliable, quality and well-priced bull bars for sale in the Gauteng area, Electronic Fitment Centre should be on the very top of your supplier list. Take the time to chat to one of our team members about your vehicle, budget and needs and we will ensure that you are provided with access to a range of options that will simply impress.

Drive Safe with a Bluetooth Car Kit

Drive Safe with a Bluetooth Car Kit – Have Yours Installed Today!

Road safety is a big concern in South Africa and globally. The amount of drivers who have accidents on the road due to using a cell phone while driving is shocking. In an attempt to reduce fatalities, various initiatives and campaigns have been carried out in order to make drivers more aware of the dangers and ensure that safe road use is something that everyone makes an effort to be a part of. Road users can drive safe with a Bluetooth car kit with ease. By having one installed you can completely eliminate the potential danger that is presented when having to make a call or receive a call while travelling.

At Electronic Fitment Centre we encourage road users to be alert, aware and well equipped for a safe road use experience. This means having your car fitted with all the accessories and features that make the trip just that much safer. Everything that you can do to make your driving experience safer should be considered, especially with the road death toll being as it currently is.

When taking a close look at our range of Bluetooth products you will find that we stock the Standard CK3000 Evo, CK3100 LCD, MKi9000, MKi9200, Multican, Multicomm and UNIKA. We have 41 qualified and professional installers and 8 mobile teams available to install your car kit for you. While we are based in Pretoria we often service clients at their own premises across Gauteng in areas such as Benoni, Boksburg, Rustenburg, Krugersdorp, West Rand, Bela-Bela (Warmbaths) and eMalahleni (Witbank).

We are known to service top brands and names on the market including the likes of AVBOB, Avis, Early Bird Farm, Debis Fleet, BATSA and many more.

We have 17 years of experience behind us and promise each and every one of our clients a dedicated, focused service. Competitive rates and prompt response to your needs is to be expected from our team. In addition to installing Bluetooth units we can also install radios, DVD systems, navigation systems, park distance control and sound systems and so on. We are also the best team to approach for the fitment of accessories and features such as tow bars, sidesteps, bull bars, and so on.

If you are interested in doing your bit towards making our roads a safer place to be on, then it’s time to drive safe with a Bluetooth car kit. Turn to us at Electronic Fitment Centre and all of your installation requirements will be dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively.

How to Wire & Install a Car Radio

How to Wire or Install a Car Radio without Compromising Your Vehicles Electronics

If you are driving to and from work every day and also driving around for social purposes, chances are that you are would like to be entertained with your favourite music or the antics of your favourite radio DJs. In this day and age just about every car on the road is fitted with a radio – those that aren’t are usually of the older variety. If you purchase a vehicle that needs to have one fitted or if you want to upgrade what you currently have, you will need to think about how to wire or install a car radio without causing electronic complications. If you want the very best out of your radio and attached sound system you will need to consider professional installation services.

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we offer to supply and install a wide variety of leading radios. Brands that we stock and are experienced in working with include Jensen, Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Alpine, Kenwood, Audio Bank and so on. Our team of qualified technicians are available across Gauteng. We have 41 professional members operating in Benoni, Boksburg, West Rand, Krugersdorp, Bela-Bela (Warmbaths), eMalahleni (Witbank) and Rustenburg, for your convenience. While our head office is based in Pretoria, we can pay a visit to your premises to handle any installation tasks required. This is quite a convenience for those who do not want to drive out to us or have limited time on their hands.

On a nationwide basis we are able to service large fleets with some of our client base including top brands and names such as AVBOB, Avis, Debis (Telkom), BATSA, Early Bird Farm and so on.  We find no fitment job too big or too small.

Knowing how to wire a car radio might be something that many backyard mechanics find a simple enough task but if you want the warranty on your radio to be upheld and want to ensure that you don’t put your vehicle and its electronics at risk, it is advised that you only take on the services of a qualified professional to handle the electronic fitment thereof.

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we are well equipped and experienced for the task. You will find that our team is friendly and will attend to your requests promptly and efficiently. We know how to install a car radio for the best use and will ensure that you are presented with a competitive rate to consider too.