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Window Tinting or Anti-Smash and Grab in Pretoria

Why it makes Sense to Invest in Anti-Smash and Grab in Pretoria

South Africa is a beautiful and vibrant country, with magnificent nature and many different cultures. However, one should not be blinded to its faults, either. Worrying crime statistics just shows how important it is to stay safe on the roads and in general. You need all the help you can get to protect your family and your possessions while driving, when you take the levels of vehicle related crimes into account.

Investing in window tinting and anti-smash and grab products in Pretoria is truly an investment that will keep on giving back day after day. When looking into these products for your vehicles you will soon learn that there are many varieties of security tint available. However, many are four, seven or nine millimetres thick. These forms of window tints are clear, high-tensile polyester tint which features a pressure sensitive adhesive coating which is applied to one side of it.

When you strengthen your vehicle’s windows with this sturdy polymer tint, a strong adhesive bond to the glass will help to keep the glass together at a high impact. The glass won’t shatter upon accidental or forceful breakage. This will drastically reduce the chance that the window can be shattered by a smash and grab criminal. It will also give you the chance to respond to such an attack since the criminal will be caught unawares by the strengthened glass, giving you the element of surprise.

Aside from the obvious security benefits that anti-smash and grab offers you and the vehicle’s other occupants, there are also other health benefits associated with window tinting in Pretoria. Every Pretoria resident knows that the summer heat can be absolutely sweltering and merciless. When investing in window tinting, as much as 50% of the outside heat and u to 99% of the damaging UV rays known for causing skin cancer will be rejected and kept out of the vehicle. During the hot December and February months in Pretoria, you know that you need every bit of help keeping cool in your vehicle.

With this increased cooling that comes from window tinting, you will also save petrol in turn. This is due to the windows keeping the car cooler, which means that your air conditioning will have to work less hard in order to keep the car cooled. You will also avoid heat loss during the winter months. Many people are turning to window tinting to effectively reduce their petrol bills.

Yet another fantastic benefit of anti-smash and grab films that are applied to the windows will also help to prevent the windows from coming apart in a collision. While auto glass in general is rather resistant to breaking, as it tends to rather shatter instead of scatter, the window tinting can provide even more defence against windows shattering. These are only a few of the many benefits you will receive when you invest in window tinting and anti-smash and grab in Pretoria has to offer.

We are one of the leading suppliers of anti-smash and grab and window tinting products in Pretoria. Our fitment centre is an approved Suntek fitment centre specialising in the building and automotive film referred to as Smash and Grab protection. Our quality and affordable products will keep you safe and comfortable on the road. We also specialise in the installation of vehicle tracking and recovery systems such as the Matrix Beamie and the Tracker Retrieve systems.

If you are looking for affordable window tinting and anti-smash and grab products and services in Pretoria then look no further than Electronic Fitment Centre.

Bluetooth Car Kits South Africa

Why You Should Be Using Bluetooth Car Kits

As new technology continues to revolutionise the way we do many things today, from how we communicate and interact with each other to how we curl our hair and mow our lawns, human reliance on portable gadgets simply continue to grow. More and more people these days are using their iPods, cell phones and many other digital devices to take care of many different tasks and for recreational purposes. Cell phones go everywhere with us these days, including the car. By investing in a Bluetooth car kit in South Africa you can truly get the best use out of your cell phone while driving.

There are so many vehicle accidents on South Africa’s roads that are attributed to cell phone use while driving, and it is completely unnecessary. We have the technology to allow us to use our phones hands-free while driving, so there is no reason or excuse to be caught driving while talking on the cell phone. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle or find yourself frequently needing to make or receive calls while behind the wheel, then this is a practical and worthwhile investment for you to make.

Benefits of Owning a Bluetooth Car Kit in South Africa

There are obvious reasons why owning a Bluetooth car kit is beneficial to everyone involved – from the driver, passengers, other motorists and pedestrians. One of the most obvious advantages is convenience. Its level of convenience extends farther than being able to make and receive calls hands-free. You can charge your iPod using the Bluetooth car kit too, while also playing music while charging the iPod. It is convenience and safety all rolled into one.

Contact Electronic Fitment Centre for affordable Bluetooth car kits in South Africa and start enjoying the many benefits that this technology has to offer. We are one of the leading suppliers of Bluetooth car kits in Pretoria and South Africa and we continue to lead the way in the industry. Our dedication to customer excellence has kept us at the helm of our industry and we only strive to continually exceed all our customers’ expectations. Other services and products on offer include central locking installations for vehicles, anti-smash and grab and window tinting services. If you are in the market for affordable security features for your car, convenience and hands-free Bluetooth car kits in South Africa then speak to any of our seasoned sales executives today.

The Benefits of Central Locking in Cars

The Benefits of Central Locking in Cars

It is easy to see the many benefits that central locking in cars pose to vehicle owners. Regardless of which vehicle you drive, or how often you drive, central locking is not only convenient but can also help keep you safe on the road. Whether you own a minivan with sliding doors or a five door sedan, you can securely lock and unlock all your vehicle’s doors at the touch of a single button.

It will naturally depend on the type of central locking that you choose to have installed, but you can opt for the conventional installation or the selective central locking. When opting for selective central locking you will have control over each of your vehicle’s doors and the boot. You can open the driver’s side door, or the passenger’s side door or the boot selectively. This is just another level of convenience and one of the many benefits of central locking in cars.

Advantages of Central Locking

If you are still unconvinced about the many benefits that this investment will present you with, read on:

  • Won’t lock your key in the car: When you get in the habit of using your keys to lock your car, then the chances of locking your keys in the car is virtually zero. No more stomach churning realisations that you just slammed the car door with the keys still in the ignition, and no more call out fees for a locksmith either!
  • Won’t drive with open car doors: There are central locking installations that automatically lock all the vehicle’s doors as soon as the ignition is turned on. This means that should you forget to lock the doors then the central locking will automatically lock the doors for you. This is also true when you park your car and leave it unlocked for a span of time. The central locking will kick in and lock the car for you, keeping your vehicle safe.

These are only some of the many benefits of central locking in cars that you will receive when investing in this convenient and essential feature. We are one of the leading installers of central locking in Pretoria. We provide all our customers with affordable and professional products and services. Thanks to our market leading status, we have huge buying power. This allows us to make available our services and products to our customers at incredibly competitive rates and pass the savings onto our customers. Contact us if you are looking to take advantage of all the benefits associated with central locking for your vehicle.

Protect Your Vehicle with Smash and Grab

There are countless occurrences where people fall victim to a smash and grab crime somewhere on the road. You are stopped at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green and suddenly your passenger window shatters and glass goes flying everywhere. You are stunned by the noise and your eyes are probably closed because you don’t want to get glass in them.

While all of that is happening, a smash and grab thief is dipping their hands into your car and politely relieving you of all your possessions that have been left on the seat. By the time you have figured out what has just happened, they have already made off with your belongings and you are stuck with a broken window and shattered nerves. It may be common sense to some people to keep personal belongings out of reach for would-be thieves but everyone forgets once in a while and that is when these degenerates tend to strike the most.

The same thing happens when you park your car out in the open and you accidently leave a bag, cellphone or wallet in the car. A thief would wait for the perfect opportunity to break the glass while no one is looking, so they can help themselves to whatever it is that you have left for them. The only way to effectively deter them would be to secure the glass with safety film.

Safety Film That Acts as a Deterrent for Thieves

Safety film offered by Electronic Fitment Centre is an effective way to deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle because they can see that there is a film covering the glass, making it more difficult to break through it. The film is made from a highly specialised plastic that is extremely hard to tear or break; so even if you through a big rock at the window it will stay intact and the glass will be kept in a single piece even though it has shattered behind the film. That means that even if you leave it parked in a car park, it will still take them a fair amount of time to get into your vehicle and they won’t be able to get away without attracting too much attention.

In most instances you will be given the option of a window tinting so that you can actually see the smash and grab layer on the windows. The darkest you can go is 35% in most cases because it is actually governed by law, but it is still more than enough to keep your windows dark and make the thieves aware that it is there. Once they see that there is a safety film over the glass, there is a good chance that they won’t try to break in.

Protecting Your Vehicle with Smash and Grab

Smash and grab protection is an invaluable addition to your vehicle, not only because it prevent petty theft and deters smash and grabbers from breaking your windows, but it also help keep your vehicle cool during the hot summer months. It reduces the UV rays that enter your vehicle, keeping it cooler and preventing harmful sun from getting into the vehicle.

That means that it reduces the amount of work an air conditioner has to do, because the interior is already cooler than it needs to be. It also helps prevent skin cancer for passengers as well as reduces wear and tear caused by exposure to the sun. The special UV filters reduce the harmful effects of the sun and indirectly extending the life of your interior upholstery.

All you need to do is make sure that you have it installed by an authorised dealer that uses the genuine product to help guarantee the work and give you the peace of mind that you deserve for your car.