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Compare Bullbar Installation Prices and Quotes

A bullbar installation performed by on a vehicle is generally a good idea if you want to add protection to the front of your car. Drivers that spend a fair amount of time off road, run the risk of causing unnecessary damage to the front of their vehicles by knocking and brushing past trees, shrubs and bushes. If you live in areas where that are a fair amount of wild animals running around freely, then you also have the chance of hitting one of them whenever you cross paths.


Bullbars can be installed in the front of the forward facing grill of any vehicle; however you normally find them installed on LDV’s and 4×4’s. These vehicles tend to get used in places where the risk of knocking something from the front is a lot higher than an ordinary road. When these vehicles get used for their intended purpose, the risk of damaging the front of your vehicle goes up quite substantially.


Prevent Any Unwanted Damage to the Front of Your Vehicle


Your radiator, fan and fan belt, bumper and headlights can take a severe knock whenever you hit something head on. The damages caused to the headlights and bumper can be repaired with ease and at least you can continue driving with them in that state without impeding the functioning of the vehicle. However, your fan and fan belt, as well as the radiator are responsible for cooling the vehicle down while you are driving.


Your vehicle over-heating can cause serious problems for you and may even result in the entire engine ceasing. The cost to repair that alone can be an arm and a leg, so preventing it in the first place makes a lot more sense. Carefully fitted bull bars can help give you the protection you need, whenever you need it.


Comparing Bullbar Installation Prices and Quotes


You need to ensure that your installer is certified to do the installation and that the actual bull bar is fitted according the current road regulations. There are specific restrictions imposed on these accessories and your installer will be able to tell what they are before you get it installed. They should be able to guarantee the work they so you have peace of mind.


If you take a look at bullbar installation prices and quotes before you have it installed, you can ensure that you get the best price around and you can get the right accessories installed by the best installers.

Be Safe with a Bluetooth Car Kit

Be Safe with a Bluetooth Car Kit – Install the Parrot Brand

Rather than risking an accident or traffic violation fine because a person operates a vehicle while talking on a cell phone, we offer vehicle dealers and insurance companies the opportunity to give their customer a solution. The message is to be safe with Bluetooth car kit. Some of the Bluetooth car kits available from us and which we install for vehicle fleet owners and on behalf of car dealers are briefly introduced below.

Parrot Standard

The Parrot Standard enables the vehicle operator the opportunity to be safe with a Bluetooth car kit. It offers excellent functionality and superior onboard telephony technology suitable for today’s vehicles. Parrot has included voice recognition and sound processing technology in their Standard kit to ensure optimal voice quality and smooth conversations amidst heavy traffic and vehicle noise.

The product doesn’t have a screen, but allows for hands-free phone operation. The user interface is operated with three buttons and it comes with an adjustable external microphone. Up to 150 names can be stored on the system for each phone allowing for easy call making through the voice recognition system. Echoes are eliminated allowing for clear voice telephony. It is compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled phones.

The kit comes with an electronic control unit, keypad, fitting accessories, mute and a power supply cable and can be paired with up to three phones. The unidirectional microphone makes it possible to reduce the influence of external noises.

Parrot Mki9200

The hands-free Bluetooth car kit has superior audio quality, making it a sheer pleasure to receive and make voice calls while driving. It is a user-independent system that ensures optimal voice recognition independent of who is talking. It comes with connectors for any type of music device, whether it is USB MP3 player, CD player, Bluetooth Stereo device, iPhone or iPod.

The system includes a 2.4” colour screen together with a wireless remote controlled user interface with six options, and a double microphone, which is also externally mounted and can be adjusted. The phonebook can be synchronised automatically and menus include:

  • Contacts
  • Playlist
  • Artwork of the specific album
  • Caller photo ID

The advanced system furthermore includes text to speech recognition and can save as many as 2000 contacts for each phone. Up to five phones can be connected to the system. It also includes two audio effects such as sound spatializer and the virtual super bass. With complete noise reduction and echo elimination it allows for crystal clear voice calls. It is compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled phones.

Parrot Plug & Play Steering Control MKi9100

It is a Parrot UNIKA installable interface allowing the operator to be safe with a Bluetooth car kit. The system is an installable interface, connecting the steering wheel controls to any Parrot MKi and ASTEROID series hands free system. It includes the user-interface which has wireless remote control and six selection options, a display menu, automatic voice recognition and text to speech synthesis. The system furthermore comes with an externally placed adjustable double microphone and virtual super bass audio effects. Noise can be reduced because of the echo cancellation and full duplex features. It is compatible with almost all makes of Bluetooth enabled phones.


The installed interface links the vehicle steering controls with any CK31000 LCD kit as well Parrot CK3000 Evolution kit. It comes with auto phonebook synchronisation and has fifteen hours talk time battery life and can also be on standby for up to twenty days. It comes with text to speech synthesis can has an omnidirectional microphone. Noise reduction capabilities are included.

View the full range of Bluetooth car kits and offer your clients and employees numerous ways to be safe while driving. Enquire about pricing and installation today.

Smash and Grab Prevention Tips

Follow Our Smash and Grab Prevention Tips to Protect Valuables and Vehicle Occupants

Apart from the invasion of privacy, the trauma associated with vehicle break-ins, hijackings and smash & grabs, in addition to loss of valuables and thus financial loss, is enough reason to take preventative steps in protecting against criminal acts. A few smash and grab prevention tips are shared below to help you stay safe and protect valuables in your vehicle.

Visibility of Items & People

Criminals lurking at intersections often work together and communicate by means of mobile phones. Although you may be safe at one robot, the criminal pretending to be street hawker or beggar looks through the windows to see where valuables are placed. When you thus stop at the next intersection, a criminal in contact with one at a previous intersection already knows what is in the vehicle and where it is placed. You are distracted on the one side while another criminal smashes the window on the passenger side and grabs the cell phone, your purse, notebook, bags or handbag. It happens in seconds.

The best way to prevent such actions is to ensure that all valuables are out of sight. For optimal protection have tinted smash and grab film fitted. The film will not only make it difficult for criminals to see how many occupants are in the vehicle, but also where items are placed. As such, they will look for easier targets.

The film furthermore provides protection against window breakage as the result of a smash and grab attempt. They will certainly not be able to break the window on the first or second attempt. In many instances and depending on the thickness of the film fitted, they will have to struggle for a long time before they succeed in breaking a window. This of course, makes your vehicle a no-no for most criminals at intersections.

Keep Doors Locked

It is surprising how many people are hijacked or attacked simply because they drive with unlocked doors. If you want to be safe, you need to keep the criminals out through locked doors.

Keep Windows Rolled Up

Even if the vehicle is fitted with smash & grab film and you drive with open windows, you will become an easy target.  Rather be safe. Use the air-con for air circulation and keep windows rolled up.

Take the first step in preventing such attacks. Follow the above tips and call us to fit smash & grab film on your vehicle’s windows.

Installing Gearlock Systems Professionally Prevent Vehicle Theft

The Electronic Fitment Centre offers several services including installing gearlock systems at any of our fitment centres in Gauteng. We also operate mobile teams and with over 17 years’ experience in the industry, as well as gold status VESA approval; we have become one of the preferred centres for installing gearlock systems in Gauteng.

Vehicle dealers, fleet owners, private companies, and individuals as well as insurance companies make use of our services. Apart from gearlock installations we also install vehicle tracking and recovery systems and fit smash and grab tinted film on vehicle windows. We furthermore supply and fit a range of Bluetooth car kits for hands free telephony operation while driving.

Other types of products and fitments available from us include, but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia solutions
  • Air-conditioning
  • Protectall safety tyre bands
  • Car sound systems
  • Vehicle security systems
  • Towbars
  • iPod integrated systems
  • Sidesteps
  • Bull bars
  • Nudge bars
  • Park distance control
  • Navigation systems
  • Electric windows
  • Cruise control

We furthermore offer repair services on all the above and can thus offer a one-stop service under one roof for vehicle dealers and insurance companies. Individuals are also welcome to make use of our services.

We offer installation services regarding two types of gearlocks for vehicles:

  • Pin
  • Top


The pin gear lock is concealed and fits on most vehicle models. Various size brackets are available to ensure perfect fitment. The system works with a fold down pin and offers excellent security.


The top gear lock adds additional security and is available in two types:

  • Internal
  • External

The internal type is less visible whilst the external type acts also as a visible deterrent against vehicle theft. We install the internal type inside the consol. It is one of the best security measures you can take to slow down and completely prevent the vehicle theft process.

Importance of Quality

Gear locks are deterrents against vehicle theft, but if the products are not of superior quality thieves will still be able to unlock or cut through the products and steal the vehicles. Insurers know that every successful theft means pay-outs which can lead to financial loss for the insurance companies.  It is thus essential to minimise the risk of successful theft by installing high quality products.

We also know that correct installation is essential for any of the security systems to fully protect against theft and that is why we recommend making use of our services regarding installation of gearlock systems.

Compare Window Tinting Prices and Quotes

Window tinting offered by Electronic Fitment Centre on your vehicle is not just a cosmetic change to give your car a facelift. People are now using it as an additional form of protection, as it creates an additional barrier on all the glass surfaces of the vehicle. Safety film has become a necessity in a lot of places, especially where you encounter high counts of smash and grab crimes.


It is far too easy for a thief to simply walk up to a car window, smash it open and take whatever is inside the vehicle. When you have your windows tinted, it actually protects the glass by covering it with a hard-to-break plastic film that keeps all the glass intact even when it has been smashed by a rock or piece of metal. Unfortunately, it can’t stop an intruder completely, but it can make life very difficult for them and in some cases it may even deter them altogether.


Why You Have It Installed On Your Vehicle


Installing the protective film has several useful benefits for your vehicle and that excludes the fact that it adds to the overall vehicle security. Protective film has been proven to reduce heat to the interior of the vehicle, completely cut out harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and it even helps reduce the wear-and-tear of the vehicle’s interior. The darker shaded covering also deters prying eyes because it is difficult to see into the vehicle from the outside.


In the event of an accident and the glass gets broken, it will keep all the glass together so that you can’t get hurt by flying pieces of glass. You also have far less glare coming through the vehicle so you can see the roads clearly while you are driving. Most importantly, it deters thieves from trying to break into your car whenever you leave it parked out in the open.


Take a Look at Window Tinting Prices and Quotes


You may find the cost of installing safety film on your windows is fairly high so it is important to compare window tinting prices and quotes to ensure that you get the best rate. A certified installer will ensure that you get the correct window tinting put in place, without it peeling off unnecessarily and without going past the legal limit of 35% when it comes to the darkness of the tint.


Be careful to check the safety film once it is done and make sure there are no surface bubbles between the glass and the film. Once you are happy with the work, you can drive off in confidence knowing that your car has added protection for your peace of mind.