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Protect Yourself with a Smash and Grab Installation

South African roads have unfortunately become a bit more dangerous; not only do drivers have to focus on their own abilities to avoid an accident, but smash and grab incidents have become a reality that every driver needs to be prepared for. Fortunately there is a way, offered by the Electronic Fitment Centre, to help protect yourself and your passengers against this and you can easily make your own vehicle safer to travel in.

SMASH & GRABSmash and grab installations are a wonderful and cost effective way to protect yourself against these very unfortunate incidents and due to the fact that they are so effective, we have seen a significant rise in motorists choosing to have this added to their vehicles. It provides an additional layer of safety that comes in very handy, especially in these situations. They prevent a window from being shattered easily, which allows for additional safety since it will be very hard to bust through by a criminal. You will be able to protect not only yourself but your belongings too, and many drivers regard this as being essential to install into every vehicle.

This handy product also provides a level of UV protection which is great for drivers spending a lot of time out on the road, in the hot sun. It will give the vehicle the ability to have cooler temperatures inside, making it much more enjoyable and comfortable to spend time in. Parents with smaller children will especially enjoy this feature since it will protect your little ones from the sun’s heat and UV rays.

In addition to be very safe, smash and grab products can be installed onto virtually any size vehicle. It’s a very convenient and effective way to safeguard against these attacks and since its original introduction a few years back, it significantly grew in popularity and it has proved to be very effective. Motorists in all parts of the country are enjoying this added layer of film that is not only attractive to look at, but safe as well. These usually come in a variety of shades, such as a dark tint, a medium tint and a light tint; giving motorists the added benefit of choosing the level that they would like their vehicles to be fitted with.

Very dark tints are usually used on SUVs and MPVs and they provide the maximum amount of privacy and UV protection. The film used in these products are very durable and usually carry a guarantee that will ensure the driver to be more confident and assured when driving; especially in remote locations or late at night. The materials used have been thoroughly tested to ensure effective protection and an increase in safety for any vehicle.

This product is made specifically to be custom fitted to any make, model and size vehicle and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular amongst motorists. It provides a modern look to all vehicles and can provide very valuable UV protection too. If you do fall victim to a smash and grab attack, you want to know that you have that extra layer of protection when you need it most. With quality materials and professional workmanship, your vehicle can be transformed into a safer and much more enjoyable one; allowing you to be protected against attacks and safeguard not only yourself but your passengers too.

With safety being a priority for most drivers, this is a very popular and very effective way of ensuring you are protected as much as possible while driving on the road. Smash and grab installations can be done by any professional installer and this will guarantee quality workmanship and value for money.

Be Safer on the Road with a Bluetooth Car Kit

Safety is always a growing concern, especially when it comes to vehicles and distractions with the driver that can potentially have devastating effects. Since mobile phones are such a common accessory and business tool in our modern lives, you will find that most drivers on our roads are trying to operate these mobile devices while driving; a potential disaster waiting to happen. One of the most effective ways to reduce the danger is by installing a Bluetooth car kit.

With a hands free car kit installed by, you will be able to keep both hands on the wheel since your mobile phone will be connected to the Bluetooth car kit. This allows you to answer your phone without having to hold it in your hand, and you can also have a conversation while driving, since your phone will be connected to this handy accessory and will not have to be held by you. Without this distraction, you can focus your attention on the road and this in turn will reduce the possibility of an accident occurring.

bluetooth car kitThese handy car accessories have become very popular over the last few years since it is so easy to install, easy to use, and very safe for motorists. Almost all modern mobile phones have this capability and with different models and options, every motorist can now enjoy the convenience and the safety that comes with these handy accessories.

Driving while talking on your mobile phone has become a criminal offence in some parts and although many motorists find this annoying, it was actually put in place to safeguard people from unnecessary accidents. It increases safety on the road by keeping the motorist’s attention focused on the road itself and on other road users, eliminating any unnecessary distractions that can easily lead to an avoidable accident where people can get hurt and vehicles can incur expensive damages. This is a very effective measure to safeguard people on the road, and it is both affordable and convenient too.

Fitting a Bluetooth kit to your vehicle is very easy to do and can be handled by any professional installer. With the safety benefits and the convenience, this product offers great value for money and it is an investment that every motorist should consider; especially if they are on the road frequently and make use of their mobile phone for business purposes.

Extend Your Vehicle’s Capabilities with Towbar Fitment

Your vehicle is certainly an item you use on a daily basis; getting to and from work, taking care of shopping, and making sure you get to where you need to be. Apart from being a necessity, your vehicle can be one of your most versatile possessions and one of the ways in which you can extend your vehicle’s functionality with towbar fitment.

towbarThere are a lot of ways in which you can benefit from the towbar fitment conducted by the Electronic Fitment Centre, and perhaps the most important of all is the ability to be able to attach a trailer to your vehicle. You can use this to transport larger items that would otherwise not have been possible with your vehicle alone, such as furniture, gardening tools or building rubble. A trailer is also an essential part of moving, especially if you have a lot of personal items or furniture that needs to be transported to your new home. You no longer have to arrange with a friend or neighbour to help you with this, since you will be able to hook up your own trailer and transport your items yourself.

Although the main purpose of a towbar is to allow a vehicle to extend its capabilities in terms of transporting additional loads, in many cases people will confess that this handy little addition has reduced the damage to their vehicles in cases where someone accidentally bumped into their car’s rear end. Since it is in the way, it takes most of the impact away from the car’s body and this significantly reduces the risk of damage.

In many light accidents, cars fitted with this accessory have had no damage at all. So this is an added benefit for vehicle owners that are still considering whether or not they should fit this accessory or not. Added to these benefits is the fact that you won’t have any additional maintenance. You will have a once off, small investment in terms of fitting this, and you will then be able to enjoy the benefits without any on-going expense.

Towbar prices can vary, depending on the installer you choose to work with. Electronic Fitment Centre not only provides a professional fitment service, but their prices are very affordable, making this a great option for all motorists. With fitment centres in various locations, you will easily be able to transform your family car into a multi-purpose vehicle that can take on an additional load when it needs to.