Advantages of SunTek Window Tint

4 Advantages of SunTek Window Tint

SunTek window tint not only protects your vehicle from prying eyes and sun damage, but it is also an effective anti-smash-and-grab solution. While no one wants to envision that they will be the victim of such an attack, thousands of smash-and-grabs occur every year. In such an instance, valuable belongings such as bags, laptops, smartphones, or wallets are usually stolen, and repairs are costly. This is where SunTek comes in. Continue reading

High Quality Bull Bars at EFC

Bull Bars and Other Fitment Accessories for Your Vehicle 

Bull bars are a popular choice for those with trucks or SUVs. They are expertly installed on the front of vehicles, ensuring that in the event of a collision, the vehicle remains operable until the driver can get to the point of safety. Bull bars are available in an array of materials, namely steel, aluminium tubing, and often polycarbonate plastic. True to their name, they were initially designed for vehicles operating in rural settings that may collide with animals. Since these animals could cause damage to a vehicle and its passengers, the bull bars sought to protect the car and all inside. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Car Sound Systems

3 Reasons to Upgrade Car Sound Systems 

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time in their vehicle will understand the value of investing in quality car sound systems. Superior sound can enhance every drive, up the value of your vehicle, and protect your speakers. It is a win-win and the perfect addition for anyone who loves driving along the open road with tunes blasting, the windows open, and the wind running through their hair. When you choose our superior range at Electronic Fitment Centre, you are assured the following:  Continue reading

Bullbars at EFC

Bullbars, Bluetooth Car Kits, and Booming Sound Systems

When it comes to electronic fitments for your vehicle, Electronic Fitment Centre is the place to be. Whether you need significant vehicle exterior enhancements like bullbars, epic audio solutions like high-quality sound systems, or Bluetooth devices to keep you connected wherever you are, we are the place to contact for superior installation and after-sale support. Here, we explore three of our best-selling products, all of which can be swiftly installed by our terrific team!

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Smash and Grab Solutions

Anti-Smash-and-Grab Solutions that Last

The crime statistics are ominous when it comes to instances of smash and grabs in the country. With unemployment on the rise and the economic situation looking all the more precarious, citizens are more vulnerable to a possible crime. This is why anti-smash-and-grab window film has gained such traction in recent years, offering ultimate protection in the event of such an attack. Here at Electronic Fitment Centre, we are the proud installers of SunTek window film. This superior film is durably created in the US and is available in 0% tint, 35% tint, or 50% tint. There are numerous benefits when you opt for this innovative technology, including:

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