Rigidek Bakkie Covers

Rigidek Covers for Your Bakkie

Pick-ups are some of the most popular vehicle types in South Africa, earning a local Afrikaans-derived nickname that refers to the open area on the back of these vehicles intended for hauling purposes. Referred to as bakkies by South Africans, they’ve earned their popularity due to their size and comfort when hitting the gravel roads on the way to the farm, with double-cab versions offering more than enough room to bring along the whole family and their luggage as well.

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Securi-Lid Roller Covers for added Security

Security for Your Bakkie

Owning a pick-up truck means that you have access to a large open area in the back of your vehicle for hauling and transportation purposes. Since most pick-ups only provide a tailgate to close the rear of your vehicle, along with perhaps a canvas tonneau cover to close the top, it can easily be breached when stopping at a red light in the traffic or parking your vehicle in the open. This is where Electronic Fitment Centre can provide a valuable addition to your bakkie with a Securi-Lid roller cover to ensure that your load area is always safe and secure.

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Added durability with Rhino Linings

Keeping Your Bakkie’s Load Bin Protected

When you own a vehicle that has more than enough room for hauling, you are probably also well aware of the risks involved with regular load-carrying, especially when it comes to heavy objects that might cause damage to your loading area. This is where Electronic Fitment Centre can offer a viable solution through Rhino Linings, providing a suitable lining option for bakkies that can drastically reduce the risk of damage by lining the hauling area with quality rubber.

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Rigidek – Load Bin Security

Rigidek Protection for Your Bakkie

South Africa has a large bakkie culture, thanks in part to the farming lifestyle where farmers use bakkies to not only haul farming produce to the market, but also to traverse the farm without getting stuck or being bested by an obtrusive middelmannetjie. Today, bakkies are everywhere and although they are intended for tackling rough roads and hauling heavy cargo, people buy and drive the double-cab versions in suburbs and cities and sometimes hardly ever use them as workhorses thanks to their versatility.

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Securi-Lid Bakkie Covers

Securi-Lid Roll Top Covers

Bakkies are the most popular vehicle types in South Africa, offering toughness, some off-road ability, and hauling power. They have been a popular choice since the creation of the very first pick-up truck and the arrival of this functional design to this country, offering versatility for farmers to ensure that they can easily traverse their fields and cart around all manner of things on the farm. The modern bakkie craze comes from these roots, and today, people would drive bakkies simply because they want to.

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