Competitive Window Tinting

Competitive Window Tinting Prices in Gauteng and Surrounds

If you are on the hunt for window tinting solutions that boast affordable prices, then you have certainly come to the right place. Window tinting offers a myriad of incredible benefits and when you choose us, has the added and unparalleled advantages of offering an anti-smash-and-grab solution too. Our SunTek window film range is truly a cut above the rest and offers superior quality for impressive prices. When it comes to this US-based powerhouse brand, there are a number of window tinting options. Namely clear, 35%, or 50% tint. The 100-micron or 150-micron film comes with a 7-year warranty and this is testament to the quality and durability of these products.

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Towbar Fitment that Works

Towbar Fitment that Works – Strength, Durability, and Professional Installation

Towbars are popular picks for anyone with a penchant for adventure-packed holidays or those who need to tow any other vehicle. They are conventionally used to pull other cars, RVs, and trailers. They are also used in the case of a breakdown and can enable you to pull another car behind your own. Unlike tow dollies or trailers, towbars enable the vehicle to move on its own four wheels. When it comes to their installation, it is imperative to go to a reputable service provider who will ensure that the fitment is durable and sturdy.

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Bluetooth Car Kit

Bluetooth Car Kits – Everything You Need to Know

A Bluetooth car kit is a universally celebrated device. These high-performance gadgets provide drivers with effective hands-free solutions and thus ensure ultimate safety and ease on every ride. They allow you to listen to music on any device that is Bluetooth enabled or take calls without needing to worry about plugging in cables or removing your hands from the wheel. As law enforcement has rightfully cracked down on the use of mobile phones while driving, these devices are a life-safer – literally. They ensure that you do not have to miss important business calls while you are on the road, but they also ensure that you and fellow drivers on the road will remain safe. Thus, Bluetooth car kits have a number of impressive advantages.

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No More Smash and Grabs

No More Smash and Grabs with SunTek Technology

Crime is on the rise, and sadly these precarious economic times could lead to greater occurrences of smash and grab crimes. These crimes can be a costly affair if you lose valuable assets and have to replace the vehicle window thereafter. Added damage can result from shards of glass damaging your car’s interior, and at worst, these shards can cause serious injury or harm. This is where SunTek technology and their innovative solutions come into play. Continue reading

Leading Supplier of Car Sound Systems

Electronic Fitment Centre – A Leading Supplier of Car Sound Systems

Anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle knows about the numerous benefits that come with installing high-quality car sound systems. Whether you enjoy blasting your favourite hits, listening to an interesting podcast, or catching up with the local news, car sound systems can truly enhance your driving experience and ensure that every moment spent in your car is an adventure. Nothing is worse than scratchy, unclear audio, and a simple upgrade can boost your vehicle’s value and your day to day experience of it. Continue reading