Car Sound Systems: Driving on Music Power

If personal transportation has one key element that makes it stand out above all else, it is your ability to play your own music as loudly as you want to. South Africans usually upgrade their car sound systems to feel the joy of their favourite tunes while driving. These systems have evolved into complete in-car entertainment systems over the years. These systems can be specified in detail to suit your every preference.

Custom car sound systems are popular among many car-sound enthusiasts in South Africa. The community has grown to where competitions are held to determine the best car sound systems as well. In-car entertainment has therefore become an important factor to address for many people owning older daily drivers. Music has also become more accessible with the digital age bringing a variety of ways to buy and listen to music. The future of live radio might be in doubt, but car sound systems will keep on developing. Electronic Fitment Centre can install custom car sound systems for your daily driver.

Nothing beats a booming car sound system when your favourite song comes on while driving to work. It instantly puts you in a good mood and gives you the will to face the day with confidence. The power of music is not to be underestimated, and with a quality custom car sound system in your vehicle, you can experience it too. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we offer our expertise and years of experience, so we can install a custom system that will suit your vehicle and your preferences. Therefore, you can enhance your driving experience and have your music playing when hitting the road with friends.

We offer basic and classic sound-upgrade packages for your vehicle. We also have custom dashboard interfaces for specific vehicle models. To top it off, we also feature in-car DVD systems to really elevate your vehicle’s in-car entertainment setup to a new level. As a result, you can have a stereo and some additional extras installed in your vehicle at our shop. The sky is the limit regarding in-car entertainment. With us, you can transform your vehicle to provide quality entertainment for everyone.

Electronic Fitment Centre is your go-to choice for upgrades and modifications to your daily driver. Bring some flavour to your vehicle with our wide range of products and solutions. Our products include car sound systems, bakkie load-box covers, and other useful options tailored to the South African market. Feel free to browse our website for more information. Customise your car to suit your preferences with our quality products today.

The Benefits of Window Tinting

Personal transport is a common method of commuting in South Africa. Due to a lack of proper public transport, most people are forced to buy their own vehicles to get to where they need to be. Personal vehicles are also regularly modified and upgraded in South Africa. Whether it is larger speakers, a DVD entertainment system, or window tinting, Electronic Fitment Centre has a wide selection of products and solutions for your daily driver. Sound and navigation systems are considered a necessity to provide in-car entertainment and route guidance to keep the driver entertained and on track to their destination. The real concern comes with safety.

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Improve Your Car Windows’ Safety with Smash and Grab

Because of poor public transport, private transport in South Africa is the default for many people using their own daily drivers for commuting. With a thriving car culture among the locals, these cars are often modified as well. Modifications can include anything from grotesque wings to sound systems and central locking systems. Unfortunately, crime is a real problem in South Africa. Anyone can be the victim of a smash-and-grab incident or, worse, a hijacking. Therefore, it is critical to optimise the security measures on your daily driver.

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Aftermarket Car Sound Systems

Where to Get Top-Quality Aftermarket Car Sound Systems

Music is very important to some people while they are driving their cars. Having a top-quality car sound system that can be enjoyed by everyone in the vehicle is always a great feature. New cars are equipped with decent sound systems, but this is not the case for many of the older models. In-car-entertainment (ICE) systems are now so advanced that they can incorporate DVD players and even game consoles. To put this in your normal car might seem like overkill. Having a proper car sound system, on the other hand, does not.

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Anti Smash and Grab Window Films

Have Anti-Smash-and-Grab Window-Protection Film Applied to Your Car’s Windows

Crime is rife in South Africa and many people are oblivious to the possibility of being the victim of a random crime while driving – until it is too late. These can include hijacking and, more commonly, smash-and-grab incidents. You will be pleased to learn that you can get anti-smash-and-grab window-protection film for your car that won’t break the bank. We offer a plethora of safety upgrades for your daily driver and this includes tinted anti-smash-and-grab protection films for all vehicles’ windows.

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