SunTek Anti-Smash-and-Grab Window Film

SunTek Anti-Smash-and-Grab Window Film for Pretoria Drivers

If you are concerned about smash-and-grab attacks in Pretoria and beyond, it is certainly worth investing in premium SunTek window film. This unique technology, designed and manufactured in the USA, holds the glass in place in the event of such an attack, allowing drivers and their passengers to get to the point of safety. During a smash-and-grab attack, windows are usually smashed with heavy objects, and valuable devices, such as laptops, phones, wallets, and handbags are stolen. Added to the stress of it all is the fact that shattered glass can destroy vehicle interiors, injure passengers, and leave a gaping open hole which makes people feel particularly vulnerable as they try and reach a place of safety after such an attack. Continue reading

4 Advantages of Park Distance Control

4 Advantages of Park Distance Control

Perhaps you have heard of park distance control but wondered what it is precisely and how it could enhance your driving experience. Essentially, auto park or park distance control is a specialised feature that assists drivers to park better by acting as an extra set of eyes. Thanks to special ultrasonic sensors, the system will let you know when an obstacle is in your way.  Continue reading

3 Tips Get Quality Car Sound Systems

3 Tips for Quality Car Sound Systems

Ask most drivers, and they will probably tell you how much they love their car sound systems. Whether you use them to blast your favourite tunes, listen to that riveting mystery podcast, or catch up with the news on the local radio, quality audio systems can accelerate an average ride into a brilliant one. Continue reading

Terrific Towbar Prices

Terrific Towbar Prices at Electronic Fitment Centre 

Towbars are an investment and can enhance the safety and value of your vehicle. Before finding the best towbar for your needs, it is important to compare styles, materials, and prices. Towbars are usually fitted to the back of vehicles, and they are used to tow or transport trailers, caravans, and other vehicles. Prices can vary considerably, depending on the model used. However, it is essential to choose a quality supplier who puts safety at the fore. Continue reading

3 Reasons to get Smash and Grab Film

3 Reasons to Consider Smash-and-Grab Film 

Smash-and-grab attacks are unfortunately on the rise. As people struggle under the economic weight of the Covid-19 pandemic, vehicle owners become all the more vulnerable to such attacks. In such an instance, barriers like windows are smashed with rocks or sturdy items, and valuable items (like bags, laptops, or smartphones) are stolen. These attacks utilise the element of surprise, often happening in a flash. While it is impossible to prevent crime entirely, it is possible to bolster your vehicle so that you are always prepared. Continue reading