The Best Tow Bar Prices

Electronic Fitment Centre – The Best Tow Bar Prices in Town

If you are ready to enhance your bakkie or SUV and are on the hunt for competitive tow bar prices in Pretoria and surrounds, then Electronic Fitment Centre is certainly the place to be. Whether you are on the hunt for a new tow bar, side step, roll bar, or bull bar, we have a range of impressive products that boast both great value and durability. We also stock a wide range of diverse accessories for your vehicle and are thus a one-stop shop for all your fitment needs. Continue reading

Car Radio Audio Services and Supplies

Electronic Fitment Centre – Your Number-1 Stop for Car Radio Audio

Car radio audio is one of the highlights of any road trip or long drive. Blasting your favourite tunes as you cruise on those open roads is bound to delight both seasoned drivers and novices alike. Whether you are listening to your favourite radio talk show en-route to work, embracing your best podcast, or singing along to those number-one hits, it is imperative that you invest in car radio audio that puts sound quality at the fore. If you are looking for a durable and reliable radio or want to enhance your car’s audio, then Electronic Fitment Centre is the place to be. We stock a wide range of affordable, high-quality models and offer clients a number of impressive sound solutions. Continue reading

Window Tint Benefits

The Benefits of Opting for a SunTek Widow Tint from Electronic Fitment Centre

Window tints are a popular pick amongst car owners for a variety of reasons. They offer protection from the sun’s harsh rays, give passengers privacy from prying eyes and offer a sense of security in the unfortunate event of a smash-and-grab incident. Strengthening your windows with a window tint film is an easy way to enhance the safety of your vehicle and protect yourself. Our SunTek window film works towards keeping your window in place even if it is smashed, so that you can get to a point of safety and protect your precious belongings. This film comes in a choice of clear, 35%, or 50% tint. This industry-leader prides itself on high-quality and durability and all films supplied by us boast an impressive 7-year warranty throughout the country. Continue reading

Safeguard Against Smash and Grab Attacks

Safeguard Against Smash and Grab Attacks and Choose SunTek Window Film

Sadly, in these trying economic times, smash and grab attacks are all too common. In the blink of an eye, when your car moves to a standstill, sneaky chancers can smash your window and grab valuable belongings, such as handbags, laptops, tablets, satellite navigation systems, or mobile phone devices. These instances can be expensive and require car owners to not only replace their belongings but also their damaged window. If the window happens to shatter on passengers, it can also cause them injury and glass shards will often tear car upholstery. A smash and grab can thus be a costly affair, and this is why it is imperative to utilise anti smash and grab solutions like SunTek window film. Continue reading

The Best Tow Bar Prices

Find the Best Tow Bar Prices in Gauteng

A tow bar, also known as a hitch, is a specialised device that is attached to the chassis of your car. They are used in order to tow other vehicles, caravans, or trailers. When it comes to finding the perfect tow bar for your vehicle, it is important to go with a distributor and installer that you trust and who prides themselves on quality products, fair prices, and top-quality installations. Continue reading