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Exterior Paint Protection Polish and Interior Protection

Sonax is the leading scratch removal and paint sealing system on the market and is designed to improve and maintain the strength and gloss of a car's exterior. The system consists of an exclusive 3 step process that protects your vehicle for up to 3 years. The first step involves stripping the paint of all oxidisation and contamination. The paint is then treated with colour enhancing polish and slight surface scratches are removed. A teflon like coating is then applied to ensure your car stays in showroom condition. The polish creates a barrier against environmental damage and provides the ultiate protective coating.

For the vehicles interior Sonax products are used on all upholstery, leathers and carpets. The upholstery protector penetrates fabric surfaces and forms a barrier that retards soilong, repels liquids and resists staining for up to 3 years. the Sonax leather cream is a blend of natural conditioners that protects against UV ray damage and prevents staining, cracking and fading of leathers. The carpets are also treated, to protect them against staining and dirt, while still allowing the fabric to breath keeping it soft and supple.

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  • Slows down the risk of "Smash & Grab"
  • Keeps the preying eye out of your vehicle
  • It optimizes the airbag function and reduces the risk of passenger expulsion in side impact accidents
  • Help protect you and your loved ones from flying glass in the event of an accident
  • Blocks up to 99% UV rays of the sun, to protect you and your passengers from harmful cancer
  • Prevents fading of your vehicles upholstery and carpets
  • Reduces solar energy by 43%
  • Keeps the interior of your vehicle cooler
  • Helps reducing the unwanted heat and glare
  • Slows down the demand on your air-conditioning unit and saving you money in the long run

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